WWE Raw Results And Recaps: Roman Reigns Made An Impact As He Returns To Raw

WWE Raw seems to have loosen its charm for quite some time mostly because of the setbacks in terms of performances, superstar personas and viewership. It’s like it is being forced to us because we have all been watching WWE for a long time now. Now even the main events looks dull. Last Monday Night Raw was no different at all. Its not easy to spend three hours of this  non-stop weekly muddle. This week’s Monday Night Raw follows the same another attempt to gather some viewership with some creative and engaging attempt in story-line which includes another main event without a finish and nothing major seems to be at stake.

If we leave some things like the main event aside, the rest of the show was mostly boring and non-directional. This is WWE’s attempt to build the things for the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per view but not in a very exciting way, actually in a dullest way possible. Ronda Rousey challenging Nia Jax for the championship is a reflection of bad acting and looks totally suspicious. And what to say about the Bobby Lashley-Sami Zayn fued, the bad scripting has made it the worst probable rivalry in recent history.

In-midst of all this chaos, the return of Roman Reigns gives some stability and boost to the dull looking show. The B-team also stole some spotlight as they managed to secure a probable title opportunity. Overall, Raw doesn’t impress, the same feeling that we used to get a decade ago, is far gone now and what remains now is mostly boredom and a poor attempt in making things better. Check out the WWE Raw results down below.

The Powerhouse returns!!

Roman reigns- WWE monday night Raw

This weeks WWE Raw started with Elias singing as usual who was later interrupted by Seth Rollins who was seeking revenge for being attacked by Elias last week. Seth pulled out a chair from under the ring and knocked the guitar down of Elias’s hands and they both swung but was interuppted when Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh stormed into the ring and all three of them started beating Rollins. But, the Big Dog Roman Reigns came to the rescue. As soon as Reigns music hit the ears, the crowd went crazy and they started cheering with the massive positive response which was expected as Reigns was absent for more than a week. Raw General manager Kurt Angle stepped in after Reigns cleaned the ring and announced an instant tag-team match between Jinder Mahal, Elias and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

This tag team match was like many others a lengthy one and featured simultaneous tags between Rollins and Reigns to excite the audience. As usual, Sunil Singh’s attempted to interfere which resulted in Reigns being thrown into the crowd by Jinder Mahal. After that Singh attempted to hit Rollins with a chair which was blocked by Rollins. Elias saw an opening and put Rollins into a DDT and finished Rollins with a Drift Away. The fued continued backstage during interviews between Reigns and Mahal where Jinder Mahal was thrown twice to the garbage door before Referees interfered and broke the duel.

Baron Corbin became new Raw constable

baron corbin-kurt angle match


This week’s WWE Raw also followed the tension between Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle. First Corbin interrupted Baron Corbin’s match and later he had a long discussion with Kurt Angle backstage and complained about how much he has been overshadowed all the time on the show. He also revealed that he has been appointed as the new “constable” of Raw after he spoke with Stephanie McMahon at WWE Raw headquarters. Due to this new role, there was a disturbance and tension between Angle and Corbin throughout the show like when the results were changed following the six women tag team match.

The B-Team got a shot at Tag Team title

The B-Team title shot

This week in WWE Raw, a tag team battle royal designed to determine the next challengers for the current champions Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, the uncanny B-Team secured a title shot against the champions. Prior to the battle royal, the champions interrupted the in-ring promo where Hardy described their team as, “unmatched, unparalleled and unstoppable.” Then Wyatt added, “Let it be known no matter what team wins tonight, first they will suffer and then they will be deleted.”

In an eight team tag team WWE Raw match, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre got eliminated instantly followed by some other eliminations which sorted the amount of participants in the ring. At last, only Bo Dallas, Heath Slater and Rhino remained. After that Heath Slater picked up Bo-Dallas and accidently knocked him into Rhyno, which sent him straight to the apron and then to the floor thus giving the B-team a title shot win which led to a wild celebration by the B-team.

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Other activities that happened on Raw:

James Harden defeated Curt Hawkins

WWE Raw features Curt Hawkins attempt at avoiding the 200th consecutive defeat didn’t work out. He faced the local James Harden and put free tacos at stake for the crowd. And everything seemed to be going in Hawkins favour before Baron Corbin decided to rain in his parade who purposely hit his end of days on Harden which led to Disqualification. Corbin didn’t stopped there and assaulted Hawkins with tacos from the ringside table and later he flipped the entire table on top of him.

Nia Jax defeated Natalya

WWE Raw women champion Nia Jax defeated Natalya via pinfall. Before that, Natalya was joined by her training partner Ronda Rousey on the commentary box and was fighting equally with the women’s champ but while scrolling through the ropes Natalya hurt her knee real bad. Seeing an opening, Nia Jax didn’t miss a chance and put Natalya through a Samoan Drop for the win. After the match, Nia tried to comfort Natalya but Ronda angrily told Nia, “You’ve done enough, just go.” And while Rousey was icing Natalya’s knee in the locker room, Nia walked in to apologise which led to a heated argument between Ronda and Nia Jax. After that an annoyed Natalya asked for some time alone.

Braun Strowman defeated Bobby Roode

In a pre-match interview at WWE Raw, Roode claimed that he only hopes to survive against Strowman but was doing far more than that. Later in the match, he pulled a ladder from under the ring and hanged it from the ring to the announce table. But Roode’s plan didn’t work out when Strowman chopped the ladder with his bare hands. Then Strowman puts Bobby back to the ring followed by the running power slam and bang 1-2-3 down goes Bobby Roode. This was just another beatdown for Braun Strowman as he is still looking for a dedicated fued for the time being.

Verbal fued between Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley

The fued between Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley went to becoming worst from bad. Following their last week’s fued, Lashley challenged Sami Zayn to come out to the ring and face him mano-o-mano. Zayn refused the proposal and instead decided to trade insults with him from the crowd. He made fun of Lashley and his motivational posts on Instagram. He didn’t stopped there and questioned Lashley whether he served in the US Army or is it just another lie.

The Riott Squad defeated the trio of Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Ember Moon

The fued between Corbin and Kurt Angle could be seen here. When Alexa Bliss smartly faked a leg injury and leave the match. Bayley instantly replaced her and got a tag done by Sasha Banks. Bayley hooked up Sarah Logan with a Bayley to Belly suplex for the win. But the decision was eventually turned after Baron convinced Angle that the win was a flaw and should be overturned and threatened him to tell McMahon if he doesn’t revert it. Angle told Bayley and Sasha about that which followed by Sasha Banks giving Bayley an angry look and walking away.

Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens via disqualification

WWE Monday Night Raw also features KO taking on Finn Balor. Kevin Owens and Finn Balor was really something to look forward to and it went all right. Owen made the best of opportunity and damaged Balor’s arm early in the fight. Owens did not stop there, when Balor made his way back to ring, Owens gave him an old fashion ruggin which led referee to give Balor a disqualification win but that didn’t stopped Owens from crushing his boot to Balor’s face.

Further he took out a ladder from under the ring and started climbing it in order to symbolially retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase while Fin was laying down the floor. Suddenly it changed KO’s mind and he charged Balor with a ladder top Frog Splash. But Balor managed to dodge it and it brings Owens right down to the ground. After that Balor hit Owens with his Coup De Grace from top of the ladder and grabbed the briefcase from top of the ladder showing what’s there to come in the Money in the Bank match.

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