Top 5 Poker games you should know how to play

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If you are a poker fan, nothing could be more appealing and pleasing to you than watching the poker players ripping and creeping their opponents. There are good chances that you must be aware with the Poker Games list that we are going to mention here but it’s no guarantee that you will be aware with the basics and the gameplay.

Many folks want to try new things like start learning poker or maybe playing real money poker online but they don’t know where to start. But it’s never too late to learn something new.

There are many best poker games to play with friends and you should know just in case, that way you can choose whatever suits you the most. Whether you wanna be a professional poker player or just for fun, these 5 Poker Games list are your go through tutorials.

1. Texas Hold’em

If you’ve heard anything about Poker, you must have heard about Texas Hold’em too as it is the most popular poker game in the world.

Texas Hold’em Poker should be a perfect start for you if you want to learn how to play online Poker. This version of Poker is specifically so popular maybe because its used in the biggest Poker tournaments in the world like WSOP, WPT, EPT, Poker stars Caribbean Adventures and others.

The dealer will shuffle a standard 52-card deck. Although, generally in home games, there is no specific dealer, so the dealer duties is shared amongst the participating players on the table.

Every player is dealt two cards, which only they can see. Then the dealer spreads five cards – three at once, then another, then another – which is used by the participants to make the best possible five-card hand.

Bets are made turn-wise before and after revealing every card. The same amount of chips must be placed by all the players to stay in hand and to watch the next card. Texas Hold’em is generally one of the best poker games to play with your friends.

Player with the best poker hand wins the pot and the bets. Although, this game is easy to learn but can be very tough when played professionally as there are countless strategies, modulations and tactics with which this game can be played. Texas Hold’em is the best on our poker games list and it is highly recommended.

2. Omaha

After you are done and dusted learning Texas Hold’em Poker and ready to learn something more challenging, Omaha could be just your thing on our poker games list.

Unlike Texas Hold’em, in omaha, participants are dealt with four hole cards instead of two, but can only use two cards from their hands to make combinations.

Just like Texas Hold’em, in Omaha five community cards are spread by dealer including a flop, turn and river. The betting process is also the same.

Although, Omaha is usually played in a limit or pot-limit format and their most played versions are Omaha 8 or Omaha Hi-Lo.

Just like in Texas Hold’em, Omaha High players also hope to win the bet with the best high hand possible. Whereas, in Omaha Hi-Lo, the pot is split between the best high hand and the best low hand. The best low hand means that the player has 5 cards that ranked atleast eight or less.

Omaha is a fast paced poker game and players make nut-hands more often as compared to Texas Hold’em. While looking at the possible hand combinations, position is important in Omaha. This is a highly recommended game on our poker games list.

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3. Seven-card Stud

This is another very famous poker game. Actually, this game was the most popular before Texas Hold’em arrived.

Although, the gameplay of this Seven card stud is quite different. It can be played between two to eight players and without the use of flop and community cards.

Seven-card stud is played with each player receives two cards face down and then one card face up, dealt one at a time in the rotation.

Bets are placed after the initial cards are dealt. After that, each player receives three more face up cards and one more face-down card.

Bettings are placed after each round of card dealt.

Out of the seven dealt cards, the players choose the best five combinations. The remaining two cards are discards and cannot be used again in a hand, so one has to choose their cards wisely the first time. It is perfect and one of the best poker games to play with friends.

Seven-card stud is mostly played as a limit game. Keen analysis of your opponent’s movements and paying attention to their cards is the key to win. You cannot leave seven-card stud behind while making a poker games list.

4. 2-7 Triple Draw

Once you think you have mastered Texas Hold’em, Omaha and the Seven Card and are ready for something more challenging and enhanced, 2-7 also called “deuce-to-seven” Triple Draw will be waiting for you. This is the best poker games to play with friends.

It is a lowball game where you have to make the lowest five-card hand as possible, players are dealt five cards and have three opportunities to draw cards in the same manner as five-card draw. In every round, players can opt to discard their cards anywhere from 0 to 5 and they will be provided with the replacements by the dealer.

In 2-7 Triple Draw, Aces play higher and deuces plays lower, always remember that straight and flushes plays against you, that means the best possible hand is 7-5-4-3-2, also called the “number one” and cannot be beaten.

This is a six player game and uses a dealer button and the betting structure same as Texas Hold’em and that’s why it is included in our poker games list.

5. Chinese Poker

Open-faced Chinese Poker is a new poker game, invented in China in 2011. Actually, it is the improved version of the traditional close-faced chinese poker game.

The game is played between two or four players. The dealer deals out the entire deck in four hands, even if two are playing the left two decks are reserved for next hand and if three are playing, the fourth deck is left unused.

Players focus is to gather points like gin rummy instead of rounds. After the card replacements rounds are complete, the players arrange their 13 cards in 3 hands –  where the first hand has three cards and the other two poker hands have five cards.

There is only one rule that the three card hand has to be the worst, the middle five card hand has to be better than the three card hand, and the last five card hand has to be better than both.

After everyone is done setting their hands, poker experts compare each hand of every player to one another. The best hand wins. Each hand is worth one point against every other player and if you beat someone in all three hands, it’s called a scoop and is worth three bonus points. This poker games list wouldn’t be completed without adding Chinese poker.


So, you are all set to go!! Try your hands on these best poker games to play with friends and impress your friends with your newly honed skills in the card games.

Although, before really playing online for bets you can go through the tutorials or quick lessons that most poker rooms provide to get you familiar with the mechanics of the game before you start playing poker live.

What do you think about our poker games list, did you know some of these games already? Tell us in the comments section and share it with your friends so that they would also know.

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