Top 5 Most expensive homes of Footballers

footballers houses and cars

Top 5 Most expensive homes of footballers- Football is undoubtedly the greatest sport on the earth in every terms. There is no other game popular than football or nor has any other game more loyal fans than football has. FIFA put their maximum efforts and money to make sure football stays the most grand sport in the world.

Football players are some of the most highest paid athletes in the world and with the freedom to live life as large as they can, something that most of us crave for. Some of the best footballers in the world are some of the richest too. They have made headlines for their skills but also for the ridiculous amount of fortune they made through it. Footballers houses and cars is something they spare no expense at.

Some of the best footballers in the world at the top of the foodchain are known to live their life lavishly. They have got it all, from unbelievable mansions to fast supercars.

Specifically, their houses tells us many things about themselves. Comes equipped with all the amenities one could dream of, some of these footballers owns the some of the most expensive properties not only in the sport but in the world.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Most expensive homes of footballers.

5. Lionel Messi

footballers houses and cars

When it comes to the footballers houses and cars, you gotta include arguably the best player in the world, the Argentinian striker Lionel Messi did not come up with a financially strong background like many other players, but has done tremendously well for himself and is now not only one of the wealthiest footballer but also one of the richest athlete in the world.

The 5 times Ballon D’or winner has a whole record book to himself. Known for his loyalty to his life-long club Barcelona, Leo Messi has his house built just outside Barcelona.

The $6 Million worth mansion is football inspired as well. The house was built in 2016 by Luis Garrido and is called one-zero eco house. This house gave a resemblence of Leo Messi’s no. 10 when looked from above. Built in a 13 square mile just 22 miles outside Barcelona.

The house is divided in two parts like a football pitch. One part has a huge swimming pool while the other has a lawn and a football type home in it. The house boasts a spa centre, a home theater, an indoor football field and all other luxurious ammenities.


4. Cristiano Ronaldo

footballers houses and cars

Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one of the best footballers in the world. But he is most certainly the most hard working footballer in the world right now. Came from nothing and now amongst the richest athletes in the world, Ronaldo is surely an inspiration to many in the world. Over years he has became a style icon as well.

With a Net worth of over $400 Million, it is not surprising that he is placed here. With his time with the former club Real Madrid, he has grown a vast fan-base and improved himself even more in terms of Ballon d’Ors and financially. His $8 Million mansion in Madrid that he bought in 2008 is quite simply spectacular and is included in best footballers houses and cars.

The luxury mansion is spread across 8,000 sq. ft, has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It has a sauna, a gym, huge swimming pool, an aquarium and all other lavish amenities. His former teammate Gareth Bale and former Real coach Zinedine Zidane were his neighbors.

With his recent move from Real Madrid to Juventus, considering his lifestyle, we can expect him to buy even more lavish mansion in Italy.

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3. Didier Drogba

footballers houses and cars

The 40 year old former ivory-coast national and former Chelsea FC player is one of the most popular and recognised player in the history of Premier league. Currently playing for Phoenix rising, an american club, Drogba is the greatest African Player of all time.

His contributions are not only limited to the football pitch but he is also known for his philanthropist works most recognized for helping the African citizens by providing them with financial support and health benefits.

For his humanitarian works, he has been included in the list of 100 most influential people in the world. He is also one of the highest paid footballers in the world. With the mind boggling amount of money he earned while his time in England, he purchased a beautiful $21 Millions Mansion in England. He has got one of the best footballers houses and cars.

This breathtaking mansion is nowhere ordinary. The magnificent mansion is spread in a 8,600 sq. ft area and has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool, gaming room, home cinema and many other things to make life comfortable. With his more than $90 Million Net worth, it is no surprise.


2. Wayne Rooney

footballers houses and cars

Wayne Rooney was the most popular player on the planet before Messi and Ronaldo took over. He is amongst the top paid footballers in the world. The former English and Manchester United captain is one of the most accomplished Premier league player.

Manchester United is probably the most famous football club in the world and Rooney has won several trophies with them over the years. He is also associated with some huge sports brands and has grossed millions in endorsements over the years.

When it comes to footballers houses and cars, Rooney is still the top player. Apart from all the name and fame, the star footballer has also to his name one of the most expensive properties a footballer has ever owned. He owns a mansion is Cheshire countryside which is worth $17.5 Millions. Rooney has refurbished this 1930 made mansion to suit his needs.

This super luxury mansion boasts an indoor pool, orangery, bar, snooker room, private theater and a huge swimming pool. The mansion also has a stable for 14 horses, a $50,000 worth security system. The six-bedroom house has a parking lot for 6 cars.


1. David Beckham

footballers houses and cars

When we talk about footballers houses and cars and style nobody beats David Beckham. Although, Beckham has retired now, but he is still unarguably the biggest football celebrity ever. He is one of the biggest influences in the football world and became one of the biggest style icon in the 2000s.

With his supreme hairstyles and an eye for the fashion with love for the game, he became the most recognized and known footballer around the world and one of the richest football players like ever.

With his star status and various top brand endorsements, David’s Net worth is over $350 Millions. And with such huge family, it is expected that this star must have owned several big houses.

The current house that Beckham family lives in is definitely worthy of their star status, an unbelievable $50 million worth mansion in North London. His previous mansion in Hertfordshire also called Backhingham Palace was a gorgeous $20 million dollars mansion too.

Beckham’s london house is right next to the royal couple and covers an area of 9,000 sq. ft, and is five story long, has eight bedrooms, a spa, a message parlour, a chapel, a jacuzzi, a recording studio and many other things suited in a $50 millon mansion.

Wrapping up:

This is the list of top 5 most expensive homes of footballers. What do you think? Most of these footballers have houses in england. Which footballer has best houses and cars? This is our list, if you think otherwise or if you have any corrections to make, feel free and please let us know through the comments section.

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