Top 12 Cricket Legends of India- Indian Cricket Legends

5 famous cricketers of India

Cricket Legends of India- Cricket is today one of the most popular sports on the planet. And India is one of the cricket superpowers. Over the years, cricket has created an impact and interest even amongst the non-cricket playing nations.

Every single person in India loves cricket. They may be following other sports but one thing that unifies us is cricket. Cricket is much more than a game. Almost every Indian has a special affair with cricket. And we have witnessed the crazy emotions of fans over the years. A win could put a smile on the faces of 1 Billion people and cause them to celebrate with the entire neighbourhood and a loss could break millions of hearts.

Over the years, there had been countless cricket legends that have won our hearts and would live on our minds as legends forever. India- specifically, has created and seen dozens of legends that are world-renowned. And in this article, we will talk about 12 Indian cricket players You Should Know About.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

5 famous cricketers of India

He is the greatest not only in Indian cricket players but in the world. He is not only known and loved in India but in every cricket playing countries. He is one of the most distinguished and accomplished icon in the cricket world. He has the best technique in the game and it is not easy to find flaws in his preferred cricketing shots that’s why he is considered as the best amongst his fans, team-mates and cricketing world.

Over his 28 years career, he had hold every imaginable batting record at some point associated with cricket. Started his cricket career at 16 and went on to scoring a 100 centuries, something no other has accomplished or even came close to. He has been a constant in Indian cricket and carried the dreams of entire nation throughout his career.

He is the greatest of all time and often considered in the cricket world as the “God of Cricket” and judging by his accomplishments and contributions the title fits right in.

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2. Sunil Gavaskar

5 famous cricketers of India

Sunil Gavaskar is amongst the greatest Indian cricket players ever but at his time he was the greatest Opening batsman in the history of the game. He was a nightmare for the fast bowlers. He found the flaw in fast bowling and used it against them.

He was nicknamed “The Little Master”. During the 70s and 80s when he was at his peak, he set several world records that remained constant for a long time including the record of most Test centuries. In his first test series, he scored a massive 774 runs that include a hundred and a double-hundred and set the record of highest debut run-scorer.

Gary Sobers, the Caribbean legend has called Gavaskar- “the greatest batsman I’ve come across”.

3. Vijay Hazare

5 famous cricketers of India

Vijay Hazare is another cricketing legend. He captained India for 14 matches between 1951 to 1953. He was one of the earliest superstars in Indian Cricket. His incredible performances inspired many future superstars and paved the way for the bright future of Indian cricket players.

He had many impressive performances over his career, but his double hundred against a super intimidating Australian team in 1947-48 test series.  Doing that at the times when the world cricket was dominated by Australia was hella accomplishment and that’s what makes Vijay legendary.

During his career, he had several domestic records as well as international records. BCCI gave him tribute by organizing a yearly Vijay Hazare Tournament every year over the last 17 years.

4. Kapil Dev

5 famous cricketers of India

Kapil Dev is probably the greatest Indian cricket team captain as he captained the 1983 World Cup Indian team to the finals and brought the world cup trophy home for the first time. He is considered one of the best all-rounders of all time.

He was a fine batsman and a great fast bowler, a combination so lethal it won the world cup trophy for India. He was a seasoned campaigner and a very inspirational leader. He is the only player to have scored over 5,000 runs and took over 400 wickets.

Many victories would come and go but nothing can replace the 1983 world cup triumph which put Kapil Dev into history books and made him a legend.

5. Rahul Dravid

5 famous cricketers of India

Everybody loves the former Indian cricket team captain Rahul Dravid for the gentlemen he is on and off the field. He is considered as the most persistent and studious cricketer in the history of the game. Well, he is technique-wise the most accomplished player. He is one of the greatest Indian cricket players.

Known as “The Wall” amongst the cricket world and his fans, Rahul Dravid could stand firm in the ground in crucial situations while the whole team is struggling. He has shown us the importance of his wicket and has turned the match upside down many times for India.

Two things that Rahul Dravid has the most is his ability to remain cool at intense moments and the solid winning approach that has helped India clench seemingly impossible victories. Many batsmen will come and go but nobody will be as cool as Rahul Dravid.

6. Saurav Ganguly

5 famous cricketers of India

Saurav Ganguly is one of the most accomplished Indian captains ever. He was contemporary to the other Indian cricket legendary players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid but the natural leadership ability that he possessed was unlike others.

During the 2000s, when Indian cricket was unfocused and going into a vague direction, he instilled the ambition and confidence in the otherwise doomed team and led them to the 2003 world cup finals.

He was also a very formidable left-handed batsman known for his huge sixes and he is also the only cricketer to have won four consecutive Man of the Match awards in ODIs.

7. Vinoo Mankad

5 famous cricketers of India

Vinoo Mankad was one of the earliest cricket superstars in India. He was a superb All-round cricketer and his ability with both ball and bat were unmatched at his time.

He had some of the best records in the Test cricket like the fastest 1000 runs fastest ever 100 wickets, although they have been broken many times now still the significance doesn’t get any less.

He also held the record as the first player to score a century and take five wickets in the same Test match against England in 1956.

In 1956, he set the world record for the opening partnership of 413 runs in test cricket with Pankaj Roy, a record that stood for 52 years. He will remain as one of the finest Indian cricket players.

8. Anil Kumble

5 famous cricketers of India

If Sachin Tendulkar is the most accomplished Indian batsman, Anil Kumble is the most accomplished Indian bowler. This majestic spin bowler has 619 Test wickets to his name which is highest in India and the third in the world after Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne.

He has picked 10 wickets in a match a staggering amount of 8 times. He is known widely for his rigid commitment to the team and the game.

In 2002, in a match against West Indies in Antigua, he sustained a jaw injury during the match but he didn’t leave the pitch but instead bandage his injury and continue to perform majestically for the team. Even took the wicket of Brian Lara.

9. Virender Sehwag

12 Indian Cricket Legends You Should Know About, 5 famous cricketers of India

There is no doubt that Virender Sehwag made the list because he is most probably the most fierce batsman of his time. He had moves like Sachin and style like Viv Richards. Along with Sachin Tendulkar, Sehwag has made countless match-winning partnerships.

Everybody enjoyed watching “Viru” bat. He had no fear of anyone irrespective of how big and intimidating a bowler is, he would always go for the big ones. 5 days long test matches can be boring at times, but not if Sehwag was playing. He is known for his ever-awesome knock of 309 against Pakistan in Multan for which he is called “Multan Ka Sultan”.

He would hit the bowl right from the start doesn’t matter what format was he playing in. No wonder, he holds the record of the fastest triple century in international cricket. He is also the second Indian to have scored a double century in One Day Internationals after Sachin Tendulkar.

10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

5 famous cricketers of India

Perhaps the most accomplished captain of India and in the world Mahendra Singh Dhoni also called “Mahi” is the most iconic name in the cricket world after Sachin.

Under his leadership, India won the world cup trophies in two different formats of the game. In 2007, he took a perished Indian team to South Africa and came back with the T20 World Cup trophy and who can ever forget the 2011 majestic World cup triumph after 28 years.

He became the man of the match in the final match of the world cup 2018 where he smashed a six for the victory. The only captain to have won the world cup in two different formats.

Apart from being a prolific batsman, he is also known for his abilities behind the stump. He is one of the most lethal and effective wicket-keepers in the history of this game.

11. Virat Kohli

5 famous cricketers of India

Virat Kohli is already amongst the greatest Indian cricket players. He became the captain of Indian Test squad in 2014 and Indian ODI team in 2017 and he certainly he is aggressive of a captain as he is as a player. Apart from being a prolific captain, he is also the greatest Indian batsman in the team right now. He is quite simply a run machine.

He is still in the middle of his career and has already grasped several world records in batting. He is compared to the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Don Bradman, now that’s the accomplishment he must be proud of.

He has the record for the fastest ODI century by an Indian player and the fastest player to reach the mark of 5,000 runs and the fastest to 10 ODI centuries. He may be still young, but he has already engraved his name to the legends chart.

12. Yuvraj Singh

5 famous cricketers of India

Yuvraj Singh is a name that needs no introduction to the cricket world. He is one of the most aggressive batsmen in the world. He had many ups and downs in the cricket career but regardless he remained a valuable gem to the Indian cricket.

Yuvraj Singh showed that it is not wise to make him angry. At the 2007 T20 world cup, during a match against England, Andrew Flintoff and Yuvraj Singh had a collision but someone else had to suffer Yuvi’s rage. In the next over of Stuart Broad, Yuvi sent off his 6 balls out of the ground and created an unmatched record of 6 sixes in an over and scored his fifty in just 12 balls.

He was the main man behind India’s success in the 2011 world cup. He was suffering from cancer at that time but still, he gave his all for the country and won the world cup for India. For his immense contributions, he was named the player of the tournament.

Yuvraj Singh may be out of the team currently but he is one of the greatest Indian cricket players ever.

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