Top 10 World Cup 2018 Moments

france the new world cup 2018 champions

The Best Sports Website in India is back with world cup 2018 awesome facts. As the world cup 2018 Russia has been completed in Russia it has left us with undying memories and numerous epic moments. The World Cup 2018 Russia is being considered as the most spectacular event of the recent years. And why not? Strongest teams crushing down and comparitively weaker opponents rising up is something everyone loves to watch. And in the recently concluded world cup we witnessed many such moments.

The fall of Germany in the earlier stages from the hands of South Korea or the elimination of Argentina in the Round of 16. Senegal majestic run to the group stage or Croatia’s supreme game which led them to the finals of the world cup 2018. There are many remarkable memories that will stay forever with us.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most awesome World Cup 2018 moments:

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10. CR7’s epic hatrick against Spain

fifa world cup 2018 moments

Portugal first fixture was against the 2010 world cup winners Spain. The pressure was intense on Ronaldo and he once against proved that he is a diamond amidst the pebbles. Irrespective of Spain’s tremendous talent in all three aspects of the game, Ronaldo became the one man army and saved Portugal from the defeat. Ronaldo scored the opening goal of the match in the 4th minute which was later matched by Diego Costa’s stunner. Ronaldo scored the second goal to take the lead on Spain but was again equalled by Costa. Spain took the lead as Nacho scored in the 58th minute but Ronaldo’s epic free-kick saved the game for Portugal. The match ended in a draw and CR7 became the oldest player to score a world cup hatrick.

9. Messi’s Penalty Miss against Iceland

fifa world cup 2018 moments

All eyes and hopes were certainly tied with arguably the best footballer in the world as Argentina opened their campaign against Iceland. Burden was more on Messi as his arch rival Cristiano Ronaldo had scored a stunner hatrick in Portugal’s opener against the mighty Spain. But the LM10 couldn’t penetrated the Icelandish defence and when he got a penalty the immense pressure made him miss, making it a rough start for the 2014 finalists.

8. Crying Ramos

fifa world cup 2018

This may not be the best World Cup 2018 mo. ment for you but ask any Liverpool or Egyptian fan for whom it was a total paradise.

You don’t see grown man crying everyday espacially Sergio Ramos, the Spanish captain who is widely considered as the bad boy of the football world for his agressive defending. But Ramos was shedding flood of tears when Spain was eliminated by the hosts Russia in a Penalty shoot out.

Right before the world cup during the UCL Final against Liverpool, Ramos injured Mohamed Salah who was in-form player and the main player for Egypt. This resulted in a poor performance of Egypt in the World Cup 2018. As soon as the Spanish captain crying pics hit the internet, Egyptians flooded the twitter with their boots to Ramos face.

7. Controversial Swiss Celebration

shaqiri albanian eagle

The Football world was fired over the Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri goal celebration for Switzerland against Serbia in which they both crossed their hands and made a double-eagle gesture which represents their Kosovar-Albanian roots. This move invited politics to the game of football.

FIFA put a fine of $10,133 for “unsporting behavior contrary to the principles of fair-play” to both Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri. Although, the matter was closed right there as nobody likes the politics in sports espacially not in football.

6. The rise of Senegal

Senegal was undoubtedly one of the best products of the FIFA world cup 2018 in every term. May it be their games, goals, their coach, their supporters just everything.

Although, Senegal also became the first team to get eliminated from the world cup on the basis of the fair play rule.

Japan and Senegal were similarly leveled on the basis of points, goal difference and head-to-head after three games. But judging by the fair play Japan was more fair than Senegal as they had two less yellow cards than Senegal.

Although it was definitely a cruel way to get eliminated but Senegal’s coach Aliou Cisse who got famous on internet for his fist pumps during matches said that his team must “respect” FIFA rules.

5. Maradona Madness

maradona madness

Many international celebrities, politicians, former players and champions and other big names attended the world cup 2018 in Russia but nobody grabbed more spotlight than the former champion and the Argentine legend Diego Maradona.

Maradona was all emotions and gestures during the Argentina games specifically. The former Argentine captain who led Argentina to glory in 1986 was seen making weird statements and hand gestures and was super excited during the Argentina matches.

He was seen crying when Croatia knocked Argentina down by 3-0 and he was also pictured showing middle fingers to the badgers when Argentina defeated Nigeria.

He also had some health issues and needed medical attention after his team reached to the Round of 16. As long as Maradona remained in the stands there was always the hustle and shouting around.

4. Japan’s Atticates

japanese fans

Japan is one of the most neat and tidiest place you will ever visit and they proved once again why is that so.

Japanese fans won the hearts of millions with their sweet gestures like cleaning the Mordovia Arena after their team defeated Colombia by 2-1. This move became popular and was later followed by the Senegal supporters as well.

That was not the one time case and definitely not because they won. As they lost and got eliminated against Belgium, they stayed behind to clean the stadium and their players did the same to their dressing room. What a sweet gesture from the Japanese side, they even left a note in the middle of their dressing room that says “Spasibo” that means thanks you in Russian.

3. The Curse of the World Cup Remains

Germany elimination world cup 2018

The curse of the World Cup remained in world cup 2018 too as the former defending champions got eliminated from the hands of South Korea.

One of the most successful teams ever Germany started their campaign as the defending champions and was called the favorites to defend their title. They once again the champion of the world cup couldn’t pass through the group stage. Germany finished last in their group after two losses against Mexico and South Korea.

The four times World Champions Germany had never been knocked out in initial stages before. And this was yet another epic moment of the world cup 2018. The whole world reacted with one word – Schadenfreude, which literally means “the feeling of joy out of others pain or misery.”

2. Gareth Southgate Waistcoat

gareth southgate

Gareth Southgate led the three lions to the semi-finals for the first time since 1990 and in the process he also became the world cup style icon. His waistcoat became the trendy outfit in all of England and even in Russia as England continued to went further.

British retailer Marks&Spencer who are already the official tailors of the England national football team reported that there is more than 35% increase in waistcoat sales during England’s progress in the world cup and most of them are Southgate’s signature styled blue waiscoats.

This storm took over Russia as well as where the M & S branch in Russia sold out shortly too.

England may not have won the world cup glory, but Southgate became a full fledged style icon for sure.


1.France became the 2 times World Champions

2018 world cup champions France

France were one of the favorites to win the world cup 2018 before its started. But actually winning it is a totally different thing. France confirmed that they are the football superpowers. Comprised of the second most youngest team France won the second ever world cup after 1998.

France has no shortage of raw talent. From Arsenal’s Oliver Giroud to Atheletico Madrid’s Antoine Greizmann and Manchester United Paul Pogba to Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante but amidst of these supreme names the player that shined the most is PSG’s second biggest signing and only 19 years old Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe is only 19 years old and already considered as the future Ballon d’OR winner by many. He smashed 4 goals for France in world cup 2018. In the process, he also become the second youngest player in history to score in a world cup final after Pele who scored in 1958 finals when he was 17 years old.

Earlier he matched anotehr Pele’s record when he scored two goals against Argentina and became the second teenager to score two goals in a world cup match after Pele.

Mbappe also got the praise for FIFA authorities and was named the world cup 2018 best young player.

He also received some praise from the best player in the history, the brazilian legend Pele – “If Kylian keeps equalling my records like this I may have to dust my boots off again.”

This was it from the world cup 2018 Russia. The world cup will arrive after 4 years in Qatar but till then we have many reasons to remember why is it called the most epic showcase of talent on earth. The Best Sports Website in India will bring you all the sports related updates including Football, Cricket, NBA, Badminton, Formula 1, Wrestling, Tennis, Poker and many more.

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