Top 10 Football Tournaments Around the World

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You may call it football or soccer but there is no doubt that it remains the greatest and the most popular sporting event in the world. Football is amongst the most played sport on the planet and some of its biggest events and tournaments encompasses an insane amount 0f fanbase, far more than any other sports in the world. There is a wide list of football tournaments but we will only talk about the greatest. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 football events around the world.

If you are a true football fan, you must be aware with most of these events on our list, but if not, then this article is specifically for you. Check out these 10 most popular football events and tournaments around the world which you must experience if you love football.

1. The FIFA World Cup

In the list of football tournaments, there is no argument which is the greatest. The FIFA World Cup is not only the greatest football tournament, but it is also the greatest sporting event in the world. Also called just “The World Cup” and organized by FIFA (Fèdèration Internationale de Football Association) every 4 years has the biggest viewer base than any other sports event in the world, more than the entire Olympic games.

FIFA tried to implement and organize an international football tournament first in 1904 after witnessing the massive success and popularity of football in the Olympics Games. But it took them over 2 decades to successfully organize the first ever World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 where the hosts became the first ever champions.

Since then FIFA World Cup has been played every 4 years excluding the events of World War 2. There was an intercontinental conflict earlier but World Cup stood above everything to become the greatest tournament ever.

FIFA World Cup is premier than others in terms of its vast cultural significance and diversity. It represents peace, diversity, and liberality, that in a world filled with cultural and international conflicts there is a platform where we can overcome our differences and unify under one religion called Football.

The latest world cup was FIFA World Cup 2019 which was recently concluded in Russia. Where the team of Croatia and France made it to the finals and France became the World champions.

2. Olympic Football

Summer Olympic football is one of the biggest in the list of football tournaments on the planet and it features both Men’s and Women’s competition. Football was first introduced as the official tournament in Olympics in 1908 before that football in Olympics was played by amateurs and was not taken seriously.

But with the rising fame of football it was given a green sheet and even still it remains one of the most followed, watched and supported event or tournament in the Summer Olympics.

The summer Olympics football is a short format tournament where the winners of both Men and women competition are decided in just over 2 weeks. The tournament is action-packed and super fun to watch. It is one of few events in Olympics which allows fans to see the event outside the host city. In 2020 Japan Olympics, football events will be played in 6 different venues.

Although, it takes a lot of planning and money to manually watch the matches at the Olympics. You should purchase tickets atleast a year ago. Unlike the FIFA World Cup, Olympic football only takes 17 days to decide the winner. That makes attending the event somewhat less on time commitment. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and provides an unparalleled football experience. Every real football fan must experience it at least once in a lifetime.

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3. UEFA Champions League

If FIFA World Cup is the biggest international football tournament, Champions league is the biggest name in the club football world where the biggest names from the football world participate with their respective clubs to become the European champions. It is cerainly the biggest european football tournaments.

UEFA (Union of European Football Association) is an annual tournament played between the top division European football clubs. The most prestigious club competition in European football. Champions league is played all year long with the qualifying rounds in mid-July with the finals being played in late May of the next year.

Real Madrid is currently the best champions league team and the most successful too as they have won Champions League a record 10 times.

UEFA champions league started back in 1955 and with more than 60 years of history, it is still one of the best and continues to grow in terms of popularity and fame. The UEFA Champions league finals will be played in Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, Spain and that is the reason enough to visit this beautiful city of Spain. And with Real Madrid as the defending champions, it will be interesting to see who wins this year.

4. UEFA European Championship

In the list of European football tournaments, Euro Cup is probably the most followed. UEFA European Championship also called “The Euros” is another quadrennial tournament like world cup which happens every 4 even-numbered years between the world cup to avoid any complication. It is the primary football tournament for the men’s national teams of Europe which have the membership of UEFA.

Popularly called the Euro Cup, it determines the continental champions of Europe. Euro Cup can be co-hosted by two neighboring countries if they are qualified for the tournament. A total of 24 national teams qualify to participate in the UEFA European Championship.

UEFA Euro Cup was first started in 1960 with only 8 participant teams. Over the years, the team count has been expanded to 24. The current champions are Portugal who won in 2016 and the next tournament will be held from June 10th to July 10th, 2020.

Usually, the Euros are hosted by one or two countries but the Euro Cup in 2020 will be quite different. To celebrate 60 years of the tournament, UEFA and FIFA have decided to organize the tournament in 13 different countries, something that we won’t be seeing anytime soon in our lifetime. Every country will offer something unique to the football fans and it is surely going to be an epic experience.

5. Copa America Cup

Copa America is obviously included in the list of best football tournaments in the world. It is the international Men’s association football tournament based in the American continents. It is arguably amongst the best sports tournament on the planet as Americans countries have as much football passion as Europeans, if not more.

Copa America has a rich one hundred plus years history and it is the oldest continental football competition which still exists and played with utmost passion. The first edition of the tournament was held in Argentina in 1916 to celebrate the first century of Argentina’s independence.

Although, football is not as popular in the United States as Latin American countries and Europe the 2016 Copa America was played in the United States, first time out of South America to celebrate the glorious 100 years of the competition by boosting its identity and popularity to the outside world.

Copa America features the teams associated with CONMEBOL but often there are some countries from North America as participants too like Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States are some of the North American countries to participate in the Copa America tournament quite frequently.

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6. Copa Libertadores

Copa Libertadores is the annual international club football competition in South America. It is the South American equivalent to the UEFA Champions League.  Copa Libertadores is one of the most prestigious football club competitions in the world and the most prestigious club competition in Latin American football. It is easily included amongst the list of best football leagues in the world.

It is a yearly tournament which is hosted every year in a different South American country. 38 teams from eleven associations take part in the tournament. The initial rounds are played mostly during the entire year and the finals of the championship happen in the middle of May. The winning team is qualified to play in the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Copa Libertadores which literally means South American wars for independence, it was started in 1960. Atletico Nacional is the current champions and the  Independiente are the most successful with 7 titles to their name. The Spanish phrase “El Sueno Libertador”, which means dream of lifting the historic trophy up in the air.

If you want to witness this tournament in person you might wanna check your schedule as it is one of the most prestigious tournament, so the tickets are hard to get because they sell out quickly but considering it is an annual event so more games are played and there are still chances for you to get your hands on some tickets.

7. UEFA Europa League

Europa league is the UEFA Europa League is the annual football club competition in Europe which is organized annually by UEFA. It started in 1971 and local football clubs in Europe can participate in the league by qualifying which is based upon their performances in national leagues and club tournaments.

This competition is also like the others in structure with the games being held all year round and the finals played at a different European country in July.

Although, judging by the number of winners in the last few seasons suggests that European giants take this competition quite seriously as Manchester United, Atletico Madrid have won this tournament quite recently in the last few seasons.

UEFA Europa league is quite special because it is an important and popular football European tournament, winning Europa Leauge will put the winners in high-ranking UEFA competitions like European championship and Champions league.

8. Africa Cup of Nations

Africa Cup of Nations also called AFCON is the biggest international football association tournament in Africa. Africa comes third in terms of football craze like Europe and South America. The African Cup of nations was founded in 1957 by the CAF (Confederation of African football).

Since 1968, it has happened every 2 years in a different African country and the winner of the tournament goes straight to the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Considering it is the biggest football tournament on the continent, it is quite special and if you are out of Africa and still want to watch the matches you should book the tickets 1 year in advance.

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9. FA Cup

FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup ) is an annual football competition between European Men’s football team. It is the oldest football competition in the world and it was established in 1871 and is organized by England’s premier football association.

It is played in a straight knockout format rather than a multi-round knockout. It is organized every year in the month of June each time in a different City.

FA Cup is special as it has produced some of the most iconic moments in English football. There are many fans of this iconic tournament who travels from other countries to support their teams. You can book tickets and make travel arrangements a few months ago.

10. Confederations Cup

Confederations Cup is an international football tournament for national teams. It was founded in 1992 but get recognition and rose to stardom in 2005. It also happens every four years one year before the world cup in the same venue where World Cup will be organized the following year.

With the Confederations Cup, FIFA can evaluate the performance of a country before the arrival of the biggest football tournament and one of the biggest sports event in the world.

It is also a chance for the host nation to sharpen their abilities and gameplay by playing against some of the biggest names in international football.

Confederations Cup tickets are not easy to get as they are hard to get and expensive but can be done by booking packages from FIFA Website.

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