Feirce Rivals and Badminton Stars PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal training at seperate Academies

The fierce on-court rivalry of National Champion PV Sindu and Saina Nehwal is not hidden, both are our nation’s pride and very impressive on court. But as the saying goes, there can’t be two swords in a single sheath. National Coach Pullela Gopichand has decided to train these two Aces in seperate venues.

It has been revealed that Pullela Gopichand decided to put them under training in different facilities as they are no longer comfortable training together ever since their epic clash in the Commonwealth Games. The match was a thrilling one where Saina managed to knock down Sindu after a rough contest.

The commonwealth defeat of Sindhu was the third consecutive against Saina after the 2017 National Championship Finals and 2018 Indonesia Open Quarter-finals.

Both Badminton stars are still training under Gophichand’s Academies just on the different ones. The national Coach has two seperate facilities withing less than a Kilometre distance from each other, and he will be training both the champions there seperately.

Indian Badminton Association- Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu training

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Gopichand said in an interview, “In the interest of the players, our coaching team has taken this decision. I had earlier trained them in separate schedules. We do whatever suits the players best.”

When asked about what does he thinks about the new arrangements, Gopichand said, “I have no problem. Everything is going well and the players are also doing quite well.”

Saina left the Gopichand’s Academy in 2014, many people thinks that the rise of Sindhu caused Saina’s exit. She trained with Vimal Kumar for three years and she achieved the world no. 1 rank there. She returned to Gopichand’s Academy the September of 2017 and she has been unstoppable since, even defeated Sindhu.

The Arjuna Award receipent and Sindhu’s father PV Ramana said, ““Gopi trains her in morning from 7 to 8:30 and then two Indonesian coaches make her play. Then there are junior boys and doubles players. So I don’t think sparring is a problem.”

When asked about his opinion on the new arrangement, he said, “Sindhu was not comfortable training at the old academy. Considering this is an individual sports, competition will always be there. If they train together, they will expose their weaknesses, fitness, game-plan to each other. So to hold on to her tactics, Sindhu decided to train at the old academy.”

When asked about Sindhu’s fitness, Ramana said, “She is fully fit now. We are taking care of her fitness. Sindhu’s physio Gayatri Shetty is also working with her. So her training is going on well. She will play the Malaysian Open this month and then Indonesia and Thailand but will skip the Singapore Open to train for World Championship in China before heading to the Asian Games.”

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