NBA Trade: LA Lakers To Trade Lonzo Ball to Cleveland to acquire LeBron James

lonzo ball could move to cleveland cavaliers following rumours about lebron james moving to lakers

There are a lot of rumours about LeBron James moving out of Cavaliers going out these days, in-midst of all this heat something has been revealed about LA Lakers and Lonzo Ball’s future this friday.

According to a Twitter post by ESPN’s Chris Haynes, “If LeBron James decides to opt for his player option for 2018-2019 season with the Cleveland Cavaliers which includes a whopping sum of $35.6 Million, the L.A Lakers would be willing to trade Lonzo Ball to Cleveland Cavaliers to acquire the services of LeBron James.


“The one constant that I’ve heard is Lonzo Ball,” Chris Haynes said about the potential trade for James.

Lonzo’s debut rookie season was very hyped but he struggled and couldn’t keep up to the expectations all season long. He shot 36 percent from the field and missed 30 games due to injury in his left knee. He finished the season with average 10.2 points, 7.2 assists, 6.9 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game. Although they aren’t very good but these stats still shows that Lonzo’s got potential.

Still, lonzo was far better than the many others, then why is he put up for potential trade? The reason is simple. If the four time MVP James comes to the Los Angeles, they might not get along with each other and while LeBron is playing, he will have most of the ball possession, that doesn’t leave much for Lonzo.

San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard could also join Lebron James in his way to LA Lakers but then both Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram will have to be moved to make it work.

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Nothing is confirmed as of now, we will have to see what future holds for LeBron, Lonzo  and Kawhi Leonard.

LeBron James has to inform Cleveland Cavaliers first if he choose to opt out for the final year of his contract with Cavaliers. If he does, he will become a free agent by 11:59 Eastern Time on June 29.

James confirmed that noting is certain now. Earlier this month, he said that he has no idea what’s decision is going to be. He said that he will do whatever is best for him and his family and this will play a major role in deciding wherever he winds up next.








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