NBA Finals: Kevin Durant lead Warriors to a 3-0 series Lead against Cavaliers

Warriors vs Cavaliers- 110-102

Kevin Durant has once again proved that he is also a MVP player and he can change the course of the game as much as any other. Once again the Cleveland Cavalliers fan are being dissappointed by Durant. His majestic 33-feet high three- pointer won the match for Warriors and put them in a 3-0 seies domination against Cleveland Cavaliers and now they are just one match to grab the title again, third time in four years. This Wednesday in the game 3 of the NBA finals Warriors won the match against Cleveland 110-102 where Durant scored his playoffs carrier highest of 43 and won the match and series for Golden State Warriors.

Durant’s high score of 43 was also joined by the 13 rebounds he had and the seven assists that he made making him the first player in the NBA finals history with that kind of statistics.

Durant was impressive all this match. There were times in initial part of the game when Cavaliers managed to took a lead sometimes around 13 points, but Durant always managed to score some and bring Golden State Warriors back in the game. Durant did what star player and team-mate couldn’t this time. He filled the gap.

Although, LeBron James once again played tremendously. However, Durant took Warriors to the win and that is something that James must have been rooting for. His individual record is incredible in all of NBA Finals and the third game was the exact replica of his form. He scored an impressive 33 points plus he dished out 11 assists and stopped 10 rebounds. But still his form couldn’t get Cleveland the win that they wanted.

Cleveland will have a last chance and they will attempt to relive the history, what they did in 2016 when they came back form a dead-end of 3-1 in the NBA Finals to win the series. But Golden State didn’t had Kevin Durant with them at that time. Could we be seeing a Deja-Vu of the last season when Kevin took Golden state to a 3-0 Lead and won the series in just 5 games. It will be interesting to see.

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3rd Game Highlights: Warriors 110- Cavaliers 102

Kevin Durant has a mean string against Cavaliers as he roasted them the same way he did last year. Remember, the 2017 NBA finals 3rd game when Durant’s three pointer killed Cavaliers hopes? Well, something like that happened again this Wednesday, not exactly the same but pretty much, Durants 3-pointer put Warriors into a leading 3-0 in the Finals. Cavaliers should just stay away from Kevin Durant.

Andre Iguodala plays in the Game 3

Andre Iguodala has been out since his knee was injured in the conference finals but he finally made the comeback in the Game 3 of the NBA Finals 2018.  For a short time his knee started hurting and he had to go out but he returned and scored 8 points for the Golden State inclduding the biggest dunk of the night which helped crushing down the Cavaliers.

LeBron James Pure Class

LeBron James has scored even when the others failed, he is like a marksman, one of the greatest athletes in the game. But last night’s Dunk through the glass is one of the craziest of the night. Too bad his class performance couldn’t win the game for Cavaliers but he had probably the best highlights of this season. James would be entering the next game with only to do better than the last time because Durant ain’t stopping there.





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