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best cricketer in the world today

Top 10 Greatest Cricketers of All Time-  Cricket is much more than an ordinary game when it comes to Indians espacially. We are one billion strong and we all love cricket. It has been with us all our lives and we grow watching and playing cricket. Millions of cricketers considers cricket as a religion, like literally.

And if there is a religion, there must be a God. Although, cricket has many gods. It conncects individuals instantly and have gathered millions of followers around the world. It is safe to say although not as much as football, cricket still remain one of the most celebrated sport in the world.

Cricket was originated in the 16th century in southern England but with time it gained worldwide popularity and now many countries play this beautiful game of Gentlemen. Since its dawn, cricket has given us some of the greatest talents and players that we have all loved and cherished. These players are legendary and world renowned and will always make the list of best cricketer in the world today or before. For all the cricket fans, we put a list of top 10 greatest cricket players of all time.

1. Sir Don Bradman

best cricketer in the world today

Sir Don Bradman is most probably the greatest cricketer of all time. He will be included in the best cricketer in world today in the past or future. Donald George Bradman, born in 1908 in Australia, often referred as “The Don” was an Australian cricketer and widely considered as a cricket prodigy. He was an Australian Test cricket batsman and his Test career batting average was 99.94 which is statistically one of the greatest achievement for any individual sportsman in any kind of sport.

Before the arrival of the modern cricket, Bradman had numerous batting records to his name like the record of most double centuries and the highest score in Test score but with time many of his records were eventually improved but one record that never has been broken is his mind-blowing batting average.

And, it’s highly unlikely that it will be ever broken. Bradman retired from the test cricket in 1948, he had scored 6,996 runs in 52 Test matches with 29 centuries and 13 fifties and yes the unmatchable average of 99.94.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

best cricketer in the world today

If we make a list of best cricketer in the world today, Sachin would still make top 5 even when he is retired. Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly one of the greatest Indian cricketer often referred to as “The God of Cricket”. If not the god he is still the most accomplished and most celebrated cricketer in the world. Sachin would always come on top if there is a greatest odi player of all time voting.

He is the one of the players with most no. of fans in Sports history. He’s retired now but his fanbase didn’t shrinked not even a bit. He is the first and only player to have scored 100 centuries.

He is the player with the most runs in ODIs and Test cricket and the first person to have done the unthinkable. He scored the first ODI Double Hundred in 2008 in a match against South Africa in Gwalior.

In 2008, he also broke Brian Lara’s record of 11,953 Test runs and won the worldcup in 2011 and put his gloves down for good in 2013. He was awarded with the Bharat Ratna which is India’s highest civilian award on 16 November 2013 by the President for his unparalleled contributions in Indian sports.

He may have been retired but he will always be India’s favorite hero for the countless proud moments he brought to us. His immense talent, crazy records and form consistency for 20 years is something never seen before or probably wouldn’t be seen again.

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3. Gary Sobers

best cricketer in the world today

Sir Gary Sobers was born Garfield St Aubrun Sobers and ruled West Indian Cricket for two decades from 1954-1974. He is considered as the best All-rounder in cricket history. He had the ultimate class, a rigid temperament and a great test cricket average way above any of his contemporary players and today as well.

His career started as a mainstream  bowler but watching him save his team many times with his batting skills he was promoted up in the batting order. In a match against 1958, he scored the first century of his career and then improved it to double century and then triple century and left the ground 365* not out and set the score of highest score by an individual. He is one of the best cricketer in the world today, during his time and will remain a classic.

His 365* remained the highest score in international cricket for more than 3 decades and it was improved by Brian Lara’s 375 in 1994. There is no doubt that Sir Gary Sobers is one of the greatest of all time.

4. Sir Vivian Richards

best cricketer in the world today

He was the most stylist and classy old school cricketer in the field and outside it. His arm swinging and gum-chewing ground entrance was something fans were crazy about.

He is considered as one of the greatest batsmen ever. When he arrived in Sommerset, they hadn’t won a major trophy like never. They won the championship on his arrival not once but five consecutive times. He has over 36,000 runs in First Class cricket.

He has played 121 Test matches and has 8,540 runs with an average of 50.23 with 24 centuries included. He is also one of the most successful Test captains. In the 50 Test matches he lead his team, he has won 27 matches and only lost 8.

He had also played in ODI and has almost 7,000 runs in it. Now, that he has retired, he mostly do international matches commentary and team mentoring. He was a great player and is a legend now.

5. Imran Khan

best cricketer in the world today


Imran Khan has unparalleled contributions to Pakistan cricket and he is undoubtedly one of the greatest player to be emerged from Pakistan and a gem to the cricket world.

He is also one of the greatest all-rounders cricket world has ever seen. Imran Khan became the captain of Pakistan cricket team in 1982 and retired after 1987 world cup but returned to cricket because Pakistan’s president Zia asked him to. He led Pakistan to the world cup glory in 1992.

He was one of the four best all-rounders of the 80s with Ian Bothan, Richard Hadlee and Kapil Dev, they dominated the world cricket during the 80s.

He has the average of 38 in batting and 22 in bowling at that competitive and time. He is certainly one of the best cricket players of all time.

6. Kapil Dev

best cricketer in the world today

Kapil Dev has undying contributions to the Indian cricket. He will always be remembered for what he did for the indian cricket. Kapil Dev abilities were uncanny. He was india’s best pacer, best all-rounder and certainly the best captain India had ever seen.

He is the man responsible for bringing us the ultimate gift in the cricket world- The World Cup victory under Kapil Dev’s captaincy in 1983 is certainly the biggest thing ever happened to Indian cricket which also gave a push to already popular cricket in india to the ultimate limit.

His fast bowling was lethal and very energetic in the field. He was an expert out-swinger and used to pick the wicket of right handed batsmen with ease. He was also a middle order aggressive batsman who saved Indian batting in many occassions. He was flexible and athletic while fielding and very inspirational leader.

He is the only player in Test cricket history who has picked 400 wickets and scored over 5,000 runs and that makes him one of the best all-rounders of all time and one of the greatest ever players too.

7. Muttiah Muralitharan

best cricketer in the world today

This man is the greatest bowler of all time and he has got his super statistics to root for it. Muttiah Muralitharan, mostly called “Murali” is the former Sri-Lankan Test and ODI bowler who has some major contributions in Sri Lankan as well as world cricket.

Muttiah Muralitharan is the ultimate King of Swing and guess what, he is the leading wicket taker not only in Test Cricket but also in ODIs. Earlier in his career, there were a lot of issues considering his bowling action but once he got clean sheet he never looked back and went to become the greatest bowler and the most-prolific wicket taker in the cricket history.

His records can be seen as contemporary to Sachin Tendulkar’s in batting. He has picked over 1000 wickets in international cricket (653 in Test matches with an average of 20.80 and 405 in ODIs at an average of 21.23).

He retired from test cricket in 2010 and picked a wicket on his last ball becoming the first player to reach 800 Test wickets.

8. Brian Lara

best cricketer in the world today

Brian Lara is a former West Indian batsmen and former captain. He was one of the most prolific batsmen of his time matched to the likes of Sachin Tendulkar. He was the most dominant ODI and Test cricket Batsman of all times. Lara will always remain a classic and the best cricketer in the world today and during his time.

He is known for his many massive high scores that he made during the peak of his career something no over has ever done after Bradman. He was the one who broke Gary Sobers highest score record in 1994 when he scored 375 but it was later it was improved by Matthew Hayden. But guess what, Brian regained the title of highest Test match score within a few months and scored a mammoth score of 400 runs against England in Antigua.

He is the only player who has scored a century, a double century, a triple century, a quadruple century as well as 500 runs in a match in the first class matches. Brian Lara is the one of the greatest batsmen to ever live if not the great.

9. Ricky Ponting

best cricketer in the world today

Ricky Ponting is to Australia what Sachin Tendulkar is to India. He is one of the greatest batsman to ever grace this sport with their presence. Ricky Ponting is a right handed Australian player and holds the record of most ODI and Test runs for Australia. Even more, he is the best Australian captain and one of the most successful captains in the history of world cricket.

He may not be the best cricketer in the world today but at his time he certainly was. Ricky became Austalian captain in 2002 and since then he’s been the part of three World Cup wins for Australia in two of which he was the captain. He also has an unbeaten streak of 34 matches- a record no one else can claim.

Known popularly as “Punter” to the cricket world. He is the third highest century makers in Test after Sachin Tendulkar and Jacques Kallis and the second in ODI after Sachin. A prominent right handed straight drive and cover drive player, Ponting is one of the most accomplished cricket player in ever aspect.

10. Wasim Akram

best cricketer in the world today

Wasim Akram is one of the greatest fast bowlers ever. His reverse swing bowling became the nightmare for many batsmen during the 1990s. He is the only left arm fast bowler to have taken 400 wickets in Test cricket and became the first bowler to take 500 ODI wickets during the 2003 world cup.

He has been the captain of Pakistan in both Test and ODIs format. He was bowling in varitations at the time when fast bowling’s purpose was to intimidate more rather than to pick wickets. He trained in Lancashire in England and learnt the skills of ball swinging both outside and reverse and became a complete bowler the likes of we haven’t seen much.

He is the second most wicket taker (502) in ODIs after Muttiah Muralitharan and he still holds the world record for the most wickets in List A cricket with 881 wickets. With all his accomplishments he deserved to be listed on this list.

Wrapping up:

This was us listing the top 10 greatest cricketers of all time. If you have any suggestions or corrections to make, hit us on the comments section. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We are also conducting a greatest odi player of all time voting very soon, so stay connected.

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