Listing 10 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Listing 10 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time-  Who is the best wwe wrestler of all time, this question has puzzled wwe fans for a long time. Many call it a fake, many loves it by all their hearts but nobody can deny the massive popularity of WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment has become the largest wrestling company in the world in the last two decades.

WWE evolved from the already famous WWF in 2002 and took over the world by storm in the earlier 8 years. It has given us numerous superstars that we cherish and love with all our hearts. Although, everyone has their own version of best wwe wrestler of all time. Superstars like Stone Cold “Steve Austin” and The Rock are two of the biggest names in WWE history.

WWE had many competitors during the earlier days like WCW , ECW, TNA and many others. But everything faded in front of the massive popularity of WWE. Vince McMahon has turned the WWE into the biggest business in the market.

Other than that, WWE has given us household names that almost everyone on the planet is aware about. They are immortalised on our minds even after they have retired. In this post we will be listing the 10 greatest WWE Superstars of all time.

Listing 10 Greatest WWE superstars of all time will be based on various factors which will be used to determine who makes the list like success rate, drawing power and their legacies. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 greatest WWE superstars of all time.

10. Andre the Giant

wwe superstars rankings of all time

He may not be the best wwe wrestler of all time but he is certainly amongst them. You may of heard of or even watched many large Giants in the WWE, but there wasn’t or will not be as ‘larger than life’ as Andre the Giant. In the list of wwe superstars rankings of all time Andre the Giant is definitely included.

Also, popularly known as “The Eighth Wonder of the World” was humongous in size, there was no one else like him during his active time in WWF. Most of the WWE superstars have gigantic figures and some of them have been really tall too but none of the physical attributes could make a superstar if there is no charisma, catchphrases or promo skills.

Except, Andre, he had none of it. No charisma, no facial impressions, catchphrases or promo skills. He only had his massive gigantic structure yet was still one of the first wrestler to ever became a “Superstar”.

He was the hotshot when pro wrestling was ruled by abnormally large humans and still an inspiration to modern superstars. Not many other wrestlers had career quite like him.

9. The Ultimate Warrior

wwe superstars rankings of all time

You cannot complete the list of wwe superstars rankings of all time. As the name suggests, he was undoubtedly ultimate of a warrior. Ultimate Warrior was one of the most enthusiastic and amazing WWF superstar to have ever graced the ring.

Warrior made his debut at the time when Hulk Hogan used to reign supreme and made such unavoidable impact thus registering his name to WWE legends. He was such intensely insane performer that people loved him more than anyone else during his time. For many 90s audience he is the best wwe wrestler of all time.

There also came a time when he was the biggest WWE superstar outshadowing the likes of Hulk Hogan, Diesel, Undertaker and others.

He physical attributes were unmatched and not easily missed. His trademark neon face paint, crazy entrances and highly charged up interviews with powerful and dynamic performances got him lots of fans and fame.

He was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame for his contributions to WWE in 2014. Unfortunately, he passed away less than a day of his induction into the Hall of Fame.

8. Triple H

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Triple H has been active with WWE for a long time and with time, he has cemented his place as one of the biggest and greatest wwe superstars rankings of all time.

He is one of the greatest heels WWE has ever seen. He is a 13 times World champion. Although, he is married to WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie and that certainly have boosted his position in the WWE. But even if he wouldn’t, he would be just as good and would’ve won as many titles as he has. Because, simply, he is that good. He is one of the best wwe heel wrestler of all time.

Well, he’s been part of some greatest WWE legacies such as D Generation X and The Evolution. He has contributed for the starting of the great Attitude Era.

From his badass theme music by the Motorheads to his in-ring presence and performance, “The Game” is a champion everywhere. His contributions to this company are unparalleled and he is still going.

7. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Bret Hart is called one of the most accomplished in-ring wrestler of all time. He is the greatest technical wrestler of all time. When WWE was in peril state during the mid 1990s, Bret Hart carried the responsibility of promotion at that time of misery and not only got WWE back on track but also became one of the most technical and athletic superstars of all time.

When it comes to wwe superstars rankings of all time, Bret Hart will definitely be included in every list. Bret Hart was trained by his father “Stu Hart” and went on to impose many changes in WWE that is the foundation of today’s WWE. The superstars pushed before Hart were mostly non-technical big giants with even bigger muscles but they were dull and couldn’t provide a good match.

Bret Hart, though comparitively smaller but he had the technical knowledge of the game and with his technical grappling, speed and high flying moves he took the in-ring performances to a different level and became the most popular star of his time and changed the perception of WWE fans to watch and support the technical aspect of the game, which indeed is a game changer.

His look was classic too. He actually pulled off the diffused hairs with a Pink spandex look and this not something anyone can do. He has fought in some greatest WWE matches against superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and many others.

6. Shawn Michaels

wwe superstars rankings of all time

You probably recognize him as the Hear Break Kid, with his squeaky music but you would also admit that he is one of the finest wrestlers of all time. If he would still be competing, he would be placed higher on the list of wwe superstars rankings of all time.

Between 1988-2000, he is amongst the best wwe wrestler of all time. He is a living example that lean and agile wrestlers can be championship materials too. Apart from his excellent grappling abilities, he knew how to use the microphone, had the in-ring psychology and a natural mind for wrestling.

HBK is known to put everything in his matches. His raw desire to win the matches can be seen in his matches which made the audiences vouche for him. His life size rivalries with various superstars in WWE are listed in History books now.

If Shawn Michaels wouldn’t have graced the WWE ring and wowed audiences with his epic performances, WWE would have been very different as it is now.

5. John Cena

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Nobody would be surprised if Cena would be included in the list of wwe superstars rankings of all time. For me, he is the best wwe wrestler of all time. John Cena is the good boy of WWE. He is the biggest superstars of the last 15 years WWE has produced. You can either love him or hate him but you can not ignore him.

Cena has been the top dog of WWE ever since he joined the company in 2002. Cena is the perfect example of what WWE wants their superstars to be. He’s insanely strong, lifelong loyal to the WWE, is a 16-times World champion and does whatever he’s told to.

John Cena is probably the only superstar that has never turned heel because audiences likes his good boy image and his comic book physique and that has been the TRP of WWE for the last decade. He holds a significant monetary value to WWE as he is the largest merchandise selling superstar in WWE.

Even outside the ring, John Cena is great in person and a true gentleman. He has been a continuous part of Make A Wish foundation which helps with the treatment of children with life threatening diseases. He also continuously takes part in charity works.

4. Hulk Hogan

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Hulk Hogan is the most iconic and best wwe wrestler of all time. Every fan that recognize WWE knows who Hulk Hogan is and the people who doesn’t know much about wrestling still knows who Hulk Hogan is. His huge size and big muscles with a friendly attitude turned him into one of the most loved superstar ever.

Many people would argue that he should be placed higher in wwe superstars rankings of all time as his style is still unmatched. His finger pointing, shirt ripping, leg dropping antics were loved widely by his fans. He has inspired millions of Hulkmaniacs to say their prayers and eat their vitamins.

Hogan was a symbol of WWE in 1980s and everyone knew him. He certianly wasn’t the best grappler but that didn’t matter at that time. His charisma was unlike anyone else. He had the full crowd control. Whatever he does, people seemed to love it.

He is credibted with the evolution of Monday Night Wars to a great degree and he was the co-founder of New World Order. His earlier participations in the Wrestlemania events turned WWE into a great success and Wrestlemania into the greatest WWE main event/pay-per-view.

3. The Rock

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was, is and always will be the most electrifying Superstar of all time. He was highly charismatic and he has no haters. Audiences seemed to love everything that he did and they always wanted to smell what the Rock was cooking.

He has left WWE for more than a decade now yet he is still called the people’s champion. He found immense popularity as a heel. If he would have stayed some more time with the company he would be placed higher in wwe superstars rankings of all time.

He was so freaking amazing with the mic, that even when he was in heel and supposed to be booed one time, so did Rocky do? He traded classic one-liners and insults to the audience using awesome catchphrases that they started booeing him instantly. He is simply a master of mic, something WWE has failed to retain ever after.

His wrestling career was short as he went to Hollywood and became one of the biggest celebrities and paychecker over there as well. But his career was glorious undoubtedly. His rivalries and matches are still considered to be one of the best. He is the greatest superstar and worthy of everything he has ever earned.

Even, now sometimes when he make an appearance in the WWE, the crowd goes nuts over hearing his legendary music.

2. The Undertaker

wwe superstars rankings of all time

“The Undertaker”- the name is enough i guess. In terms of wwe superstars rankings of all time, popularity, respect and longevity, nobody can match him. Even when he’s only making guest appearances for more than a decade now, he is still the most respected superstar with no personal beef with anybody.

The Undertaker has been the greatest asset to this company. The most loyal one and has done everything possible for this company. Even amidst of all the chaos that WWE went over the years, he stayed loyal to the company.

His Legendary Wrestlemania 21-0 unbeaten streak may have finally broken by Brock Lesnar in the Wrestlemania 30, but it is still praised by everyone in the world, even though they know it is scripted.

There were many characters popular and contempararies to the Undertaker, but nobody last as much longer as he does in terms of respect and popularity. His iconic undead man persona, ambiguous athleticism, and a series of lethal finishing moves has put him ahead of everyone.

Apart from his wrestling moves, the Undertaker is also known for his strange abilities to hold his breath inside a burning casket, pale white eyes, and to survive when buried alive. He is the single most greatest entity in the WWE and nobody could ever take his place.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

wwe superstars rankings of all time

Obviously, Steve Austin will be placed at no. 1 in wwe superstars rankings of all time. He is the best wwe wrestler of all time. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the biggest WWE Superstar during the company’s peak period in 1990s. Financially speaking, there has been no other star even near Steve Austin, he is the main reason behind WWE’s immense financial success during the late 90s and early 2000s.

His unique style of hell-raising, beer-swinging, anti-hero and anti-authoritarian persona and the ability to resonate with fans like anyone else makes him the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

Steve Austin is the living proof that it is not necessary to induce over the top characters and storyline. Sometimes, portraying your real character can be just as good and effective. Steve Austin’s rivalries, promos, storylines and matches doesn’t look scripted from anywhere they all had a personal touch to them.

And even if fans knew, they wouldn’t care as Austin had that charm to him. His beef with Vince McMahon and his number of goons was iconic in WWE defeating WCW in Monday Night Wars and making WWE the biggest Pro-Wrestling company.

Unfortunately, he had to retire following a neck injury due to a pile driver and that has cost this company in continuous losing TRP and degrading popularity. Over the years, WWE has tried to replicate this evil authority and anti-authority hero many times, but there is no replacement for the Stone Cold Steve Austin.


This is our take on Listing 10 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time. Who is the best wwe wrestler of all time? Do you think someone else should be included in wwe superstars rankings of all time ? If you have any corrections to make, kindly tell us on the comments section.

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