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Top 5 Lionel Messi Unforgettable Goals- Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest footballer in the world and for me personally he is the G.O.A.T. Since his debut at Barcelona, he has destroyed the careers of many defenders around the world and at 30 years of age still is the nightmares of many defenders and goalkeepers. He has scored some goals that make Lionel Messi the greatest.

He is the top scorer in La Liga. There are not many players that can challenge the legacy that he has made. Cristiano Ronaldo although is a tough competitor but there are some unbelievable goals by Messi that even the greatest players find unbelievable.

Lionel Messi is something else. God has blessed him with a precise and unmatched left foot. He has an impressive balance with unbelievable control over the ball and on tops, he is a natural converter. Some of his goals can awestruck even non-football fans. When it’s his day, no defender on the planet can stop him.

Top 5 Goals by Lionel Messi

In this article, we took the liberty to bring you the most insane Top 5 Lionel Messi Unforgettable Goals.

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5. Lionel Messi vs Osasuna (3-0)

On the 10th December of 2016, Lionel Messi destroyed Osasuna in La Liga. Prior to this match, Real Madrid were leading Barcelona by 6 points. Although, Osasuna really managed to hold Barcelona for the first half in their home ground El Sadar stadium.

Although, they couldn’t hold Lionel Messi for much longer as he penetrate the strong Osasuna’s defence and scored the first goal for Barcelona. The first goal was fine but it was his second goal that created the havoc amongst the ground and audience.

His majestic and unbelievable run at the death time to Osasuna’s goal post and created one of the best goals of his football career.

4. Lionel Messi vs Valencia (3-0), La Liga 2010

In a la liga match against Valencia in 2010, Valencia’s defence was seemingly untamable. They were so tight that they wouldn’t give Messi any space to enter inside. Whenever he received the ball, he had to face the entire defence pushing him back, not only Messi but all Barca’s strikers were struggling.

Barcelona was playing at a 4-3-3 formation but Pep Guardiola then Barca manager, changed the formation to 4-4-2 after the half time. Now Messi was free to move in quickly inside and test Valencia’s defence strength, although he ended up scoring a hattrick.

The Hatrick was marvellous obviously but one of his goals was just breathtaking. His solo run to the goal was something only Messi can do.

3. Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (2-0), UCL 2011

Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalries is amongst the greatest in football history. Both these teams have the greatest players on earth in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

During the UCL 2011 semi-final game against Real Madrid at their home ground Santiago Bernabeu, Lionel Messi scored this unbelievable goal that left a deeper mark on his career and is an important goal considering this match was so tight until the 88th minute when Messi made a run towards one of his most amazing goals ever.

Messi, something only he could do, dribbled past five Real players and quickly sprinting towards the Real penalty area and pushing the ball past Iker Casillas to give Barcelona a 2-0 lead.

Even the commentator couldn’t believe his eyes, and in the video above you can hear him saying, “And here’s Messi….away from one, two, three, four….wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… How good is he?! A mere supernatural goal from Lionel Messi! He has wriggled and tiptoed his way to the gates of Wembley Stadium. He is just brilliant. Best player in the world, bar none.”

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2. Lionel Messi vs Athletico Bilbao (3-1) Copa Del Rey 2015

On 30th May 2015, Barcelona who was the favourites to win played Athletico Bilbao in the finals of the Cope del Ray and Lionel Messi gave the spectators what they were craving for. A spectacular and unbelievable goal in the 20th minute by Lionel Messi.

Who can sprint the ball in the right all the way in the penalty area and then convert into the goal with the maximum proficiency other than Lionel Messi himself?

We all know about the magical left foot of Messi. So, he dribbled the ball past 3 players and then reached to the right side of the penalty box but couldn’t shoot through that angle, so he did what he does best, shifted the ball to his left and netted the ball for a marvellous goal.

1. Lionel Messi vs Getafe FC (5-2) Copa del Rey 2007

If you think the previous 4 goals were great, check this one about, this goal could leave you stunned because ever since it was scored it is being called the greatest goal ever scored in football history and Leo Messi was just 19 years old at that time.

Though, there was already a lot of buzz about this young Barcelona player who is a genius. But this goal has probably shaped Messi’s entire career and enough to demonstrate his greatness.

Diego Maradona is probably the greatest Argentinian player but Messi is the greatest player of this generation because he can score the goals other players couldn’t even dream of. At the 28th minute, he received the ball in Bara’s half and then dribbled the ball through whole Getafe FC and even their goalkeeper to score this beauty. Check out above.

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