Global Poker Rattlesnake Open Winner Kevin “BUYMEDINNER” Pahl Gears Up for WSOP

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After a great run at the Global Poker Rattlesnake Open, Kevin “BUYMEDINNER” Pahl will be the third player in the history to represent Global Poker in the live arena.

Earlier, Kevin “BUYMEDINNER” Pahl had a good run during the Global poker Championships Rattlesnake Open where he finished first in the series leadership and earned himself a live tournament package of $5,000 which he will use to travel and to buy chips at the live arena.

Kevin will use his tournament package to play at the World Series Poker in LA in Event #48: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em MONSTER STACK, which will begin on 23rd June. He will also play at the $1,100 buy-in $1 million guaranteed on June 28.

The first two players to represent Global Poker at live arena managed to cash their tournament packages successfully, Kevin will not only be looking to do the same but his eyes will also be on to become the first Global Poker representive to win the WSOP gold bracelet.

In an interview, Pahl said, “Global Poker has been great to me. I am really happy. Sure, there are other sites out there but I don’t really like them. Global Poker has been 100% fantastic!”

For the people who are unaware with who “BUYMEDINNER” is. He is a professional soccer coach in a college during the daytime, and  spent his most nights competing on usually sit-n-gos on the site.

“When I first started on the site, I had heard good things about Global Poker so I wanted to give it a go. I played around a bit and at the start of the year, I had SC$10 on the site. I played some SC$1 SNGs; these were going well so I moved up to the SC$6 ones. I worked on my game and before I knew it, I was playing the 20’s and am now playing a wide range of the SNGs quite regularly.”

But other than good games, structures and figures that kept the “BUYMEDINNER” going at Global Poker is the fact that he also enjoys the comradeship of other players.

He said, “As well as the games being good, the people on Global Poker are really friendly. I chat with a lot of people on the site when I play and it makes things really enjoyable; everyone seems really nice.”

Other than his friend Jordan who introduced him to the world of poker and gave him different ideas and theories, his wife Maggie has been a pillar of support for him.

“My wife is my biggest supporter. She has always been supportive of my ambitions. We met in college and I used to go and play poker every weekend in North Carolina. She was always intrigued with how I kept coming home with more money. I took her with me one weekend to see what it was all about and she loved it. She has been supporting me ever since. She helps me to stay focused and to ensure that I don’t tilt (too badly).”

All eyes of the Global Poker community will be on Kevin “BUYMEDINNER” Pahl and will be wishing and cheering for him as he could bring the WSOP gold bracelet home.

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