How to win Grand Leagues in Dream11? – Winning Strategy and Tips

Best Playing XI for Dream 11, Dream 11 Tips and Tricks

Dream 11 has acquired the position of the biggest and the foremost fantasy sports website in India and its subcontinents and one of the biggest in Asia.

Dream 11 is kind of a sports site where your knowledge of the game, experience and skills will pay you big time. Yes, there are many monetary possibilities in dream 11. It is very hard but with keen analysis and using techniques you can win a good amount of cash in Dream 11. You need a good Dream 11 winning strategy.

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Best Playing XI for Dream 11, Dream 11 Tips and Tricks
How to win Grand Leagues in Dream11?

In Dream 11 there are various types of contests but you should focus on how to win dream11 mega contests. Like in Mega contests there are thousands and lakhs of teams participate for a small entry fee and your winnings will be according to what your rank is. There are “Hot contests” and “More contests” with the varied winning amount depending upon the no. of participating teams. With us, you can learn how to win dream11 mega contest.

Any contest with over 100 participating teams, we call them “Grand Leagues”. In this article, we bring the techniques to win the Grand leagues. These tricks have been inferred before and have proven to be successful.

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How to win Grand Leagues in Dream 11

These are the tips to play and win Grand leagues (over 100 teams) in Dream 11.

Tips to Win Grand leagues in Dream 11

  1. There is an insane number of teams playing in a contest at a single time. From 100 to anywhere from thousands to lakhs. Winning ain’t easy so you gotta take some calculated risks.
  2. Take risks on good players like, pick up star players coming back from injury. Picking a player you think isn’t going to play and is risky could be your trump card to win the contest.
  3. Keep some out of form players but who are also world-class and experienced in your team. A little change may be in venues or opposition could bring out the sleeping potential inside them and they can win the match for you.
  4. New and inexperienced players could also perform big. Like Rishabh Pant in IPL 2018 was an underdog and impressed everyone with his performances.
  5. Always try to play with 6 teams in the Grand leagues. More teams mean more chance of winning. Grand leagues are like lottery waiting to be looted, never go for small money.
  6. Build a strong team which includes one or two unique players. You can check the player’s percentage from player info. Less percentage means that the player is unique and can make a considerable difference if plays well.
  7. Create a list of good potential players and try a different combination of C and VC among them.
  8. If you think your captain is definitely going to perform well. Make him the captain of all 6 teams but keep the VC different.
  9. Play with the attitude “Go Big or Go Home” as you will get another chance in the next match.

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Tips to Win Grand Leagues in Dream 11

  1. The main motive behind playing Grand leagues should be winning big money in less investment. Don’t be disappointed about losing. Follow our below mentioned Dream 11 winning strategy and see the results.
  2. Do not ever play Grand leagues with safe teams, try and follow a different approach and that will help you win huge cash in Dream 11
  3. Avoid making an in-form player the captain of all 6 teams this could strike you back, so try different combinations.

Dream 11 Winning Strategy Tips & Tricks

Even if you fail to win the Grand league, there are some strategies which could definitely lead you further. Don’t lose hope and imply these tricks and tips.

  1. So, this is how to win dream11 mega contest. Make a team of 3 associates who will help you conquer your quest. Create a Whatsapp group or create 3 different accounts in the name of your friends or family members.
  2. Now go on and create a list of 14-15 good players who can perform in any match and any situation.
  3. Wait till the last hour of entering the contest and make sure these players are playing in that match.
  4. Share the team with your group mates and ask them to create 4 teams from these 14-15 players only.
  5. You will end up with 12 teams with almost identical players except for 1 or 2 different players in most of the teams.
  6. Now for the 1st team, appoint 1st and 2nd player as C and VC respectively, for the 2nd team, appoint 2nd and 3rd player as C and VC respectively. Continue this for all 12 teams and this way all 12 players will be captains and vice-captains.
  7. So, what you got here is 12 best players in a match that are your C’s and VC’s. If there is a star player which you think is definitely going to perform well. Make him the captain for multiple teams with slightly different players and VC’s.
  8. Now, join a grand league with Big cash prize and invite your friends as well to the same league. In Big Leagues, you can enter with 4 to 6 teams. So now you have an extra edge, you just entered the league with 12 teams comprising entirely of best players and different combinations.
  9. These teams are comprised of great players and cool combinations of C and VC, your chances of ending up the top of the rankings just became tenfolds.
  10. Share your winnings with your friends and keep on doing the same for the entire season and keep on winning. This is a full proof dream11 winning strategy and it surely works.


Now that that IPL 2020 Retained Players List has been declared, you guys must be excited to win big in Dream 11. Check out our dream 11 tricks today at Sports Patrika which is your biggest source for best tips and tricks to win in Dream 11. Keep visiting us as we update Dream 11 related articles regularly. Also, follow us on our different social media platforms for new and exciting Dream 11 Grand Leagues winning techniques.

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