How to Win every Small League in Dream11?- Strategy & Tips

Best Playing XI for Dream 11, Dream 11 Tips and Tricks

Dream11 is arguably the biggest fantasy sports website in Asia and definitely the biggest cricket fantasy sports site in the world.

Dream 11 has acquired the feat not many sites have done. It has over 45 million active users as of 2018. And this site is changing lives. With game knowledge, experience and skillset you could take heavy cash home with you.

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Best Playing XI for Dream 11, Dream 11 Tips and Tricks
How to Win Small League in Dream11?

Before you learn how to win small leagues in Dream11, You need to understand what is dream11 and how you can win matches on dream11. If you are new on this platform you must have to check out How to Play Dream11?

In the last article, we explained how to win Grand leagues in Dream 11. While in this article, we will go through all the necessary conditions and tricks required on how to win every small league in dream 11.

Any contest with 30 or less participating teams is considered as a small league. So, without further ado let’s check out the winning strategy and tips required on how to win small leagues in dream 11.

Dream11 Winning Strategy and Tips

Do’s for Small League in Dream11

  1. In small leagues, only a few contestants can participate so winning chances here are comparatively high as your competition is only with a few people. Most of the contestants here play with the same Playing XI. So, choose the safest Playing XI which could win you matches here.
  2. Don’t opt for risky players instead stay put with the safe players which you are absolutely sure to be featured in the playing XI.
  3. Pick the players who are currently in form even if they aren’t very dependable and consistent.
  4. Take in form players in your team even if their credit value is high as it will only enhance your probability of scoring more and thus more winning chances.
  5. Appoint the in-form players as your captains and vice-captains, this way you could get double points if they perform well.
  6. Do not play wild guesses or overthink things. Just simply pick the players which appeared in the last match and are sure to feature in the match.
  7. Impose your maximum focus on all-rounders and bowlers as they are the key to win matches in Dream 11.
  8. Unique players mostly don’t work in small leagues so avoid any experiments with them.
  9. Check out sites like Cricbuzz and Cricinfo for individual players details.
  10. Check out the pitch conditions before the match and make your team accordingly. Like if it’s a moist pitch it will support seamers so choose some best seamers.
  11. Maybe not today but one day for sure, the weather could create problems for you if you don’t check out weather conditions. Rain always causes havoc in cricket matches so do your research on the weather.

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Dont’s for Small League in Dream11

  1. So, there are only fewer teams competing for a limited prize. The competition is less and chances are more but stakes are limited so do not take any uncalculated risks.
  2. Don’t include injured players to your team.
  3. Don’t include a player on any unconfirmed news like if the player is not confirmed to appear in the match, leave him off your squad.
  4. Avoid out of form and inexperienced players.
  5. Avoid playing dead rubber matches as well. Like if a team is already eliminated or qualified for playoffs but still have a group match to play. They will try their bench strength, thus their playing XI is very unpredictable.
  6. Avoid joining a league first, check out your competitors and their graphs like their wins and losses.
  7. Do not always appoint your C and VC to batsmen but try different combinations most preferably All-rounders.

Wrapping Up

So, this article gave you an insight into how to win Small leagues in Dream 11. Also, check out the best tips and tricks and how to play Dream 11. We update Dream 11 related articles on a daily basis so keep visiting us for more tips and tricks and ensure you win big money in Dream 11. You can follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated with the latest trends going on in sports.

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