How to pick best Playing XI in Dream 11

How to pick best Playing XI in Dream 11

Dream 11 has taken India by storm and has become something more like a cultural cult for any sports enthusiast especially of cricket in India. Every cricket fan may it be international or IPL at least once have tried their hands on Dream 11. If you wanna know how to win money in dream 11, read this whole post.

Dream11 was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008 and for first six years, they didn’t encounter any major success. It was only in 2014 when they hit their first 1 million users. Since then it has come a long way with 45 million active users in 2018.

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In dream 11 you pick playing XI by selecting players from both competing teams. You get points for the performance of your selected players in real matches. You appoint captain and vice captainship to the most potential players and get 2x points for that.

You should be very careful while picking players as one bad move could take victory away from you. So, how to ensure that you pick a perfect team that will help you achieve your goals.

According to the dream11 top players below mentioned tips and tricks for picking the best playing XI for dream 11 matches are some of the very vital and effective ones.

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How to select Best Dream 11 Playing XI

Know the Drill

If you are a newbie this is for you. See, the fantasy games point system is designed in such a way that if offers the possibility for the batsman as well as bowlers. Plus bowlers get the points easily. For every run scored, the batsman gets 0.5 points so for every 20 runs he scores, 10 points will be added.

Whereas, a bowler can get 10 points just by taking a wicket. So, the perfect combination of batsmen and bowlers is a must.

Do research work

This is the initial mark of dream 11 top players, they do research work. The research will get you far in this game of fantasy league if done properly. Do extensive research on the teams and the players.

Do not go wild over one good last inning of a particular player and select players who have been consistent in last 10 matches or so. Check out their track records and how many points they have earned earlier.

Not always go for big names and the players with big credits. Like choose Evin Lewis over Rohit Sharma as he has been playing better.

Bowlers over Batsman

Try and get more number of bowlers in your team. As we know T20 is a game of uncertainties. Any good looking bat effective team could crumble before a superior bowling upfront. So, bowlers should get more preference. Plus, a batsman is only as good as his batting and fielding while in ground whereas, a bowler can bowl, field and sometimes bat as well.

Pick bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, who can bowl with efficiency during the death overs, that’s where the batsmen shed their wickets the most either putting or chasing a huge target and that is a proficient way to score points during the ending time.

Captain and Vice-Captain

So, this is like a really big deal to choose your power players. Power players are those players whom you would appoint as the captain and the vice-captain.

The captain you would appoint would score 2x points as compared to the rest of the players whereas the vice-captain would score 1.5x. So choosing them is a really big deal.

Advice to the wise, always try and select captain and vice-captain from different teams. If you have selected C and VC from same teams, there is always a chance that one among them would not perform very good in the match but if you choose the seemingly best player from different teams, that could go into your favour.

Pick super effective All-rounders

So, this article is basically about how to make dream11 teams with all-rounders. While picking up all-rounders always go with the best because unlike batsman or bowler who could go down in a game without doing much, a good all-rounder will always do something either with the bat or bowl and through his fielding.

There is a limit of playing only 3 all-rounders in a team. Always pick in form all-rounders and cross-check their previous performances for how many runs they scored or wickets they picked and catches they’ve caught. And always try and appoint all-rounders as captain and vice-captains.

Injury Graph

This tip has been checked out by dream 11 top players. Always do background checking on players before you select them. Like look out for their track records and if they are injury prone or not.

A good player if prone to injury and gets injured during a game will only hurt you more then himself. Some people enter the big leagues without consulting this and later gets trolled when their power player gets injured.

Play Smart

This is one of the most efficient dream 11 tricks you’ll get your hands on today. Let’s say you have selected the best team you could think of. Great batsmen, good bowlers and effective all-rounders but you still have some credits left, what do you do then? Most people then would look for a replacement of a player with more credit points. Avoid doing that. Play Smart.

Players with more credit won’t always perform. Let’s say Gautam Gambhir’s credit is 10 and Shreyas Iyer’s credit is 7, pick Iyer as his performances have been consistent.

Note: All these tricks have been personally implied by us and have been quite successful.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can pick up the best playing XI that would win you games in Dream 11 Fantasy sports. If you wanna know how to make dream 11 team in detail, check out our other articles. We will be back with more tips and tricks for you to get success in Dream 11, just stay connected with us.

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