Global T20 Canada 2018: Toronto Nationals vs Vancouver Knights Match Prediction: Hello Dear Readers, the Best Sports Website in India is back with the upcoming Global T20 Canada 2018 All matches predictions. This is the first ever Global T20 Canada edition and Canada’s own version of the IPL. The first match of the league will be played between Toronto Natonals vs Vancouver Knights in Maple Leaf North-West Ground, King City on 28th June, 2018 at 1 PM. We will bring you Global T20 Canada 2018 All matches predictions so keep read the whole article.

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Toronto Nationals vs Vancouver Knights Match Prediction

The first match will be played between Toronto Nationals vs Vancouver Knights on Thursday, 28 June, 2018. This will be the first match of the very first edition of the Global T20 Canada. So, it would be extremely tough to predict which team is going to prevail.

But judging by their squad list and from the assistance of our expert astrology team we have predicted the winner of the first match. Here you will get to know 100% Correct Toronto Nationals vs Vancouver Knights Match Prediction.

Toronto Nationals is a teleam filled with Mega stars such as  Darren Sammy, Steve Smith, Keiron Pollard and Kamran Akmal and the rest of the squad consists of the young side.

Darren Sammy and Keiron Pollard will be their star all rounders and provide assist with both their batting and bowling abilities. Steve Smith will probably be the captain of the Nationals and their main striker.

Meanwhile, Toronto Nationals has a shortage of experiecned bowlers in their squad. They have to depend on their batting mostly. That means, Sam Smith must perform and he must be willing to following his ban from international cricket.

Meanwhile, Vancouver knights has a solid foundation. Chris Gayle and Evin Lewis for batting is a power packed opening duo. Chris Gayle is undoubtedly the greatest this format has ever seen.  If he is in any team playing there will always be chances for that team.

They also have Andre Russell who can contribute with both bat and bowl. He is a super striker and can bat well in the death overs. Tim Southee can lead their bowling lineup. Rest of the squad is new and they will need a good leader to show them the way. Maybe Andre Russell is gonna lead them but that’s uncertain.

This match is going to be epic and we can’t wait for it to start. Keep reading to know the Global T20 Canada all matches predictions.

Toronto Nationals vs Vancouver Knights Match Winner Prediction Astrology

Toronto Naionals vs Vancouver Knights match prediction is not at all easy. First of all we don’t have any data and stats as these teams are just formed. They have never played before. Although, if we judge them by their star cast, one team leaves the other behind.

Vancouver Knights might have more chances to win the first match prediction. Simply because they have Chris Gayle. And, after suffering form a mixed form in IPL 2018, Gayle would want nothing more than to prove the critics wrong.

Toronto will also have a fighting chance with Sam Smith. Smith is a brilliant leader and a natural finisher. He could be an important link if Toronto wins.

Our astrology team and parampujya babaji afte reading the star signs and analyzing the effects of planetary motions on the gamplay of both teams, they have declared a 100% correct winner of Toronto Nationals vs Vancouver Knights match winner prediction. You may call or whatsapp us on our number given below and get 100% correct winner prediction astrology.

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