FIFA World Cup 2018: How to buy World Cup Tickets and their Prices?

Russia fifa world cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 (Russia) is less than a month away from us and Russia is going to be filled with millions of football fans. More than half of planet is excited about it.  Football talks about various different odds and who’s going to be the probable winner has increased. One of the biggest sporting event on the planet is going to be absolutely ravishing and no less than a carnival. Venues, Schedules and Timings have been declared. fans are being eager to know how to buy fifa world cup tickets 2018.

FIFA has announced that over 1,698,049 tickets has been sold since the commencement of ticket sales in September 2017 and the last-minute sale started on April 18 and is currently undergoing.

In this article, we discuss about how to buy fifa world cup tickets 2018.  So, read the whole article for detailed information.

When will the ticket sales start?

The tickets sale to the World Cup has already been started and now you can buy fifa world cup tickets 2018, Prior to the world cup, FIFA decided that the tickets will be sold in two phases which would be further divided into two stages. Ticket selling for the first stage of the first phase began on 14 September, 2017 and ran untill 18 October, 2017.

At that time, a random selection draw was conducted where everybody had the same chance of getting the tickets. Although the schedule was not out at that time so the fans were just randomly applying for matches and venues without knowing which teams will be playing.

The second stage of the phase one went from November 16 to November 28. But this time a different technique was put in use. Tickets were being sold following the policy of First come First serve.

According to FIFA, 3,496,204 applications were made in the first phase.

The second phase was also split up into two stages and the first stage of phase 2 started on December 5 and ran untill 31 January and the random selection draw process was used.

Only this time fans were aware of what they are buying as the World Cup draw was already made.

The second stage of the phase 2 started on March 13 and ended on April 3 and once again the First come First serve policy was used.

FIFA has confirmed that there will be a “last-minute” sales phase which will run from April 18 untill the World Cup Finals on July 15, the tickets will sold on the first come first serve basis.

What is the cost of FIFA World Cup 2018 Ticket Prices?

The ticket price in US Dollars and in Rubles for Category 4 are shown above.

This year FIFA has split the ticket prices in four different categories.

Fans from around the globe can easily book their tickets online. Categories one, two and three are reserved for the fans across the world.

FIFA has reserved category 4 for the local Russian fans. Some 350,000 tickets will be available for the local Russian residents.

The lowest ticket price in the category 4 for Russian residents will be cheaper comparing to the lowest ticket price in other categories. The cheapest ticket in category 4 is approx £17 whereas the cheapest ticket in other categories is almost £80.

Match Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 (Russian residents)
Opening match £414* £294 £166 £42**
Group matches £158 £124 £79 £17
Round of 16 £185 £139 £87 £29
Quarter-finals £275 £192 £132 £50
Semi-finals £565 £362 £215 £59
Third/Fourth place play-off £275 £192 £132 £50
Final £829 £535 £343 £92

Identification needed to purchase the ticket?

The fans applying for the World Cup tickets will also have to apply for a free official identity document called the Fan ID which is required by the Russian authorities to keep the track.

The Fan-ID comes with many benefits including Visa free entry in Russia and free cab and bus rides on matchdays.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Tickets

fifa world cup tickets russia 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets designed was revealed by FIFA on April 16.

The world cup ticket shows the match info and seating positions and it also featuers some brilliant security features like a barcode and a hologram.

Each ticket includes the name of the ticket holder and in the back of the ticket, terms and conditions are mentioned along with the prohibited items and the map of the stadium.

FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets on Re-sale?

There is no other way to buy tickets, tickets would be exclusively sold in Only FIFA can determine any transfer or resale of the world cup 2018 tickets and that too with a written notice from FIFA.

So, save your valuable money. Do not buy your tickets from anywhere else but as you would be risking your tickets being rejected by FIFA authorities.

A FIFA spokesman said: “FIFA regards the illicit sale and distribution of tickets as a very serious issue and it has been reminding all football fans that is the only official and legitimate website on which to buy 2018 FIFA World Cup tickets.

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