German Grand Prix: 3 Reasons Why Sebastian Vettel Could Win at Hockenheim

German Grand Prix 2018

The Best Sports Website in India is back with the latest news from the Formula 1 world. German Grand Prix is coming to us and Sebastian Vettel seems all ready to perform wonders in his home turf. He has already reached his hometown and his preparations are done. He must be looking forward to register a solid win in his home turf.

If Sebastian wins the trophy at Hockenheim it would extend his championship lead over his arch rival- Louis Hamilton. Although, Sebastian has never won in Hockenheim, he has won in Nürburgring once back in 2013 and would be looking for his first ever win in Hockenheim where he would receive full support from the local crowd.

Sebastian is one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers and has won four consecutive world titles from 2010 to 2013. But, the 31 year old Formula 1 racer has only managed to win only one Grand Prix in Germany. From that time, he in many instances came close to win but gassed out before he could win.

For past few years, the future of Formula 1 in Germany seemed very faded. The German Grand Prix were cancelled in 2015 and 2017. But with Sebastian Vettel back in his hometown, fans are sure to get crazy over the local hero who is also a favorite to win the race.

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Sebastain will be coming to Germany with sheer confidence and his hopes high as he won the British Grand Prix with flying colors and 25 points. He would definitely be hoping to continue with his epic performance in Germany and give the Formula 1 fans in Germany something to cheer about. Let’s take a look at the reasons why German GP 2018 is the best chance for Sebastian Vettel to win at Hockenheim.

3. Better Car

German Grand Prix 2018

SF71H has proved to be the most extraordinary Ferrari car in recent years in terms of speed and competition. It is fully capable to handle itself as well as the competition by the rivals. So far, Ferrari’s Prancing Horse has acquired the most wins in all the 10 races it has competed in. This 2018 season has been good for Ferrari and they would be looking to take this lead even further.

Mercedes has been dominating the Hockenheim circuit ever since the new regulation changes were introduced to the Formula 1 in 2014. But if we put English GP in consideration, Ferrari seems to be bringing the competition to the Mercedes. Their mindset is clearly visible as they are going for the straight wins and giving it all. It would be the competition day for the Mercedes who is a 4 times straight winner here in Hockenheim.

Sebastian Vettel won’t get an opportunity quite like this when everything is going good to register a smooth win at his home turf. And if he plays on his strengths, the outcome will definitely be in his favor.

2. Home turf support

German Grand Prix 2018

Some people believes in home advantage, some doesn’t. Even though psychological, no one can neglect that it is definitely a thing. Sebastian Vettel’s hometown is 30 minutes away from Hockenheim. Nothing would please the 4 times champion than a victory here.

In any kind of sport, there is definitley atleast a little advantage to the team or athlete competing in their homeground. The cheering and support that Vettel is sure to get here will definitely put him in  a strong position and boost his winning chances.

Although, Formula 1 doesn’t seem to effect by cheering and shouting as no driver would listen anything other than the burning screeches of rubber while they are driving but over his weekend in Germany, the local hero would definitely meet inspiring and encouraging fans and must have already boosted his confidence tenfolded before the race day.

The four times champions is in good form and he is not backing off now in his hometown.

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1. Ferrari magic in Germany

German Grand Prix 2018

Although, Vettel has only won in Germany once in 2013, that doesn’t mean he only stepped up in podium once in Germany. He has stood in the podium in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, he lost to his teammate Mark Webber. But in 2010, he was looking good and started on Pole but then the Ferrari factor came in between and snatched the victory from Vettel. Two Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso knocked Sebastain behind them.

A bad start put Sebastian in a jeopardy back then and gave the Ferrari drivers Alonso and Felipe to make their move. Vettel who was driving with Red Bull at that time couldn’t do much in front of the moster pace of Ferrari and was left playing catch with the Ferrari drivers who were ensuring record laps.

Now with the Sebastian in a Ferrari himself and arguably in the best version of Ferrari in the recent years would be looking to win the race in his hometown and with the odds in his favor, he could nail Hockenheim track with style.

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