England vs India T20 Series: 5 English Players India Should Be Worry About

India tour of Enlgand 2018

At 2015 World Cup, England’s performance was extremely terrible and they departed too soon. Shameful for the country of origin of Cricket that they haven’t won a single World Cup. Although, soon after that English cricket Board realised something and completely changed English cricket upside down espacially in the limited overs department. In last three years, England has proved that they are not taking things for granted and have turned out to be the most destructive side in the T20s.

Not only in T20s, they recently washed Australia 5-0 in the ODIs and even created a humongous score of 481. The most noticable difference between the former English team and the present is their monstrous batting squad. Their batting now has that spark, that sheer monstrosity that they are wrecking havoc on different teams around the world , creating gigantic scores consistently and winning matches.

English is due to play 3 T20 matches against India very shortly, India too has became lethal and dangerous over the u years. They possess one of the finest mixed bowling department which can puzzle any intimidating batting lineup. Although, the matches will be played in England where pitches are generally extra bouncy and extra seam. Indian squad has to be at their best and should start making plans right away if they want to stop some big English strikers.

Here we put a list of 5 English Players which India need to make plans about if they wanna win the series.

5. Adil Rashid

Adil Rashid- India tour of England 2018

Spinners are as much part of a T20 winning squad as big hitting batsmen. Wrist spinners in any team are the assets and match winners. England too posses a deadly wrist spinner who can bat too, in Adil Rashid.

He has been a key in England’s performance against Australia and will be as much useful in the upcoming series against India.

He took 12 wickets and was the joint highest wicket taker against Australia in the ODI series and woud want to carry on with the same form against India.

This is going to be a challenger for Rashid to counter strong Indian Batting lineup and for Indian squad to derive plans to counter-measure him.

This battle of Rashid vs India is going to be of huge importance and will lend direct impact on the outcome of the series.


4. Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan- India tour of England 2018

English captain, needless to say, is one of the finest batsman of the middle-order in the world. He has got it all. Put a pacer in front of him, he will thrash him just like he would do to spin. He is an excellent spin player. This skill of him will be the most prominent against India in the upcoming series. His technique, calmness and ability to gather runs at any position make him one of the best batsman in the upcoming series and India should definitely have a plan or two for Morgan.

His recent average of 37.75 against Australia in the ODIs may not be of threat but just take a look at his strike rate of 126.89. This should be the reason of concern. And if you remember the 3rd ODI against Australia where Morgan thrashed 30-ball 67 (3 fours, 6 sixes) helped England reached to a total of 481. Such is his talent. He can be real troublesome if left to play free without any plans in the T20s.


3. Jason Roy

Jason Roy- India tour of England 2018

Jason Roy is the English Opening Batsman and has been in a pretty awesome form since his short run in the IPL. He is the main reason behind England’s success against Australia in the recently concluded ODI series. The main reason England put on such huge totals on the board is Jason Roy who continuously thrashed Australian bowling from the start putting them under pressure.

Jason scored the highest runs in the ODI series against Australia which is a total of 304. It includes 2 centuries and a half century with an average of 60.80 and a strike rate of 118.28. If India doesn’t think of a plan against Roy, they should leave all the hopes of winning back home. During the IPL 2018, Jason handled pacers easily but he had some trouble facing spinners and maybe that is the key.

India has Yazuvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav to handle Roy. Their good use could give India some edge against Jason Roy.


2. Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow- India tour of Enlgand 2018


The year 2018 has been good or Jonny Bairstow. He is one of the top performers of 2018 in the ODIs since he started opening. He has 16 ODI games in 2018 and in which he has 4 centuries,2 Fifty’s with a strike rate of 119.66 and an average of 54.

These stats should be enough to alert India of what is coming their way. And, they must find some string to Bairstow if they wanna get anywhere in the T20 series.

In the ODI series against Australia, Bairstow had a strike rate of over 133 with an average of 60, and he could unleash the same wrath upon India in the T20 series.

Picking his wicket earlier would be the key for India and they have Bhuvneshwar Kumar who is just the man for the job. His moving ball seems to be easy to face for strikers and Bairstow in the IPL. India shall use Bhuvi very efficiently in this series.


1. Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler - India tour of England 2018

Jos Buttler is currently amongst the Best T20 Batsman in the World. He is up there with Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. His record this year shows why he is the biggest threat to India’s campaign this year. In IPL 2018, playing for Rajasthan Royals he has scored 5 fifties as an opener. And now, watching this English team too want Buttler to oepn the innings. If that happerns, he would become even a bigger threat.

Buttler has the ability to strike the ball hard and he has developed a new one to perform under pressure consitently. Plus since he is as good a wicket-keeper makes him a double-trouble. India should definitely watch out for this guy because if they wouldn’t he will definitely announce his presence out loud.

Although, if we look at his current form, stopping him in all three matches will be nearly impossible but India can restrict him if they plan accordingly.

SO, this is it. These players are the one to give the Indian squad some serious problems. And if they don’t plan a strategy against them could cost India the series. If you think we missed someone, be kind enough to tell us in the comment section. Keep visiting as the Best Sports Magazine in India will bring all the latest updates on India vs England T20 series.






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