Copa America 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Match List, Date & Time PDF

Copa America Schedule 2020

Copa America 2020 Schedule– 2020 is the 47th season of Copa America football competition which is scheduled to be held in Argentina and Colombia from 12th June and the final match will be played on 12 July 2020. Argentina and Colombia are the two-nation who is hosting Copa America 2020 Jointly.

2020 is the first season of Copa America, where the teams will be played in two groups, North Zone and South Zone groups which are following-

Copa America 2020 Groups

A. South zone Group

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Uruguay
  4. Bolivia
  5. Chile
  6. Paraguay.

B. North zone Group

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Peru. 
  • Qatar

Copa America 2020 Schedule

Let’s have a look of Copa America 2020 Schedule and match fixtures

Tournament stageDate(s)
Group stageJune 12 – July 1
Quarter-finalsJuly 4 – July 5
Semi-finalsJuly 8
Third-place play-offJuly 11
FinalJuly 12

The Opening match of Copa America 2020 will be held between Argentina and Chile on 12th June.

Let’s have a look of complete match fixtures of Copa America 2020

Copa America 2020 Fixtures

Date Fixtures Time Venues
12 June Argentina vs Chile TBA Buenos Aires
13 June Australia vs Uruguay TBA Cordoba
13 June Paraguay vs Bolivia TBA Mendoza
13 June Colombia vs Ecuador TBA Bogota
14 June Brazil vs Venezuela TBA Cali
14 June Peru vs Qatar TBA Medellin
16 June Argentina vs Uruguay TBA Cordoba
16 June Chile vs Bolivia TBA Mendoza
17 June Paraguay vs Australia TBA La Plata
17 June Colombia vs Venezuela TBA Cali
18 June Peru vs Brazil TBA Medellin
18 June Ecuador vs Qatar TBA Bogota
20 June Argentina vs Paraguay TBA Buenos Aires
21 June  Colombia vs Peru TBA Medellin
22 June Venezuela vs Ecuador TBA Bogota
22 June Australia vs Bolivia TBA La Plata
23 June Brazil vs Qatar TBA Barranquilla
25 June Chile vs Paraguay TBA Cordoba
26 June  Australia vs Argentina TBA Buenos Aires
26 June Bolivia vs Uruguay TBA La Plata
27 June Brazil vs Colombia TBA Barranquilla
27 June  Ecuador vs Peru TBA Medellin
28 June Qatar vs Venezuela TBA Cali
30 June Bolivia vs Argentina TBA La Plata
30 June Chile vs Australia TBA Cordoba
30 June Uruguay vs Paraguay TBA Santiago de Estero
01 July Qatar vs Colombia TBA Barranquilla
01 July Ecuador vs Brazil TBA Bogota
01 July Venezuela vs Peru TBA Cali
04 July 1st Quarterfinal TBA Barranquilla
04 July 2nd Quarterfinal TBA Cali
05 July 3rd Quarterfinal TBA La Plata
05 July 4th Quarterfinal TBA Buenos Aires
08 July 1st Semifinal TBA Cordoba
08 July 2nd Semifinal TBA Medellin
11 July TBC vs TBC TBA Bogota
12 July  Final TB Barranquilla

Note- The match time of Copa America 2020 yet to be announced, Once the football fraternity confirms the match time it will be available here for all zones.

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  1. When will Copa America 2020 Starts?
    • Copa America 2020 will start on 12th June 2020.
  2. Who are the Copa America 2020 hosts?
    • Argentina and Colombia are hosting 2020 Copa America jointly.
  3. Who won the last Copa America?
    • Brazile won the Copa America 2019 with Peru by 3-1 in final.

So this was the Copa America 2020 Schedule, fixtures and match details. Know more about 2020 Copa America tournament stay connected with us don’t forget to place share your comments.

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