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Last year the best sports games in 2018 ruled the minds and consoles of video games lovers. Now, the new year is here and what better way is there to cherish and celebrate this new year with the news of the best upcoming sports video games in 2019.

The upcoming games in 2019 list promise to be a good year for the sports-related video games fans. Last year was also pretty decent but this year some mind blowing games will be released. For someone who isn’t very athletically gifted but a major sports fans nonetheless, video games based on sports are a massive comfort. The best sports games in 2019 will feature the sequels of some of the most played games.

5 Best Sports Video Games 2019

In midst of countless video games today, sports-based games are the most realistic and most of them has epic gameplay and authenticity. In this article, we will talk about the good upcoming games 2019 and sequels of sports video games in 2019.

This year many of the famous games are getting a sequel or getting re-introduced with a new touch. Here’s a list of 5 best upcoming sports video games in 2019.

1. Session

video game remakes 2019, good upcoming games

The fans of skateboarding and extreme sports haven’t had a quality game for the last few years. There had been many games but not up to the mark. But last year every skateboarding fan had a preview came as a gift from the upcoming game Session. Last year it was shown at the E3 by Microsoft. It is going to be the best sports video games in 2019.

Developed by Creature Studios for Microsoft PC and Xbox, Session preview came last year but the game will be released in 2019. It is said to be the successor of the Skate Series. The session will be an open-ended video game, and won’t feature the scoring system and an alternate control menu. The game’s visualization will be similar to the Skate series.

It will be better than its predecessors in every term. From exciting gameplay to more realistic tricks. If you are a fan of extreme sports this is a good upcoming games 2019 which will definitely keep you entertained for the rest of the season. This game will be one of the coolest in the 2019 games list.

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2. Football Manager

video game remakes 2019, good upcoming games

Unlike FIFA, football manager is not a first player game but it is amongst one of the most anticipated in 2019 games list. The newest edition of the Football Manager 2019 will be better than its previous versions. Football Manager is a different kind of football game. In FM 2019, only you can define your team’s success.

You won’t be playing out on the field, instead, you will be doing the much more tense work. As the name suggests, you will become the manager of your own team. You will have to design the game and the style of play, select the players and squads.

This game will feature the real-life football situations and your actions will reflect on your team’s future. The game features almost all the biggest names in the world of football. It is set to be released on November 2, 2019, with a Bundesliga License. Another best sports video games in 2019.

3. Crash Team Racing -Nitro Fueled

video game remakes 2019, good upcoming games

Upcoming games in 2019 will see a new edition of Crash Team Racing. CTR is going to be one of the best sports video games in 2019. Canadian video game developing company Beenox is behind the Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fueled. The new game will be a remake of the original Crash Team Racing. This game has accomplished fame and popularity in the past years and now that it’s getting a remake.

The remake reportedly will be bigger and better in every way. There will be new modes added to grab the attention of the players and make CTR- Nitro fueled stand out.

This good upcoming games in 2019 will keep you engaged and occupied in the summers. It is scheduled to be released this summer on 21 June 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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4. Gunsport

video game remakes 2019, good upcoming games

Gunsport is another much awaited in upcoming games 2019 list. Gunsport is a delight for all the volleyball lovers around. Gunsport takes place in an alternate future where humans have grown tired of war. Nations’ petty disputes are now settled with the World’s Game, Gunsport. In 2019 games list, it is very much anticipated.

It’s like playing volleyball but instead of using hands you use shotguns, knives, and rifles. Yes, it sounds peculiar but this is what Gunsport is. And it is quite fascinating.

This game focuses on a player’s skills and a sharp eye. It is not easy driving the ball to your opponents’ side using shotguns. So, you have to have the skills and style.

The game will come with 2 or 4 players competitive modes. It can be played as in single mode or story mode as well. Gunsport will launch on August 2019. It is one of the good upcoming games 2019.

5. Blood Bowl: Death Zone

video game remakes 2019, good upcoming games

Blood Bowl is highly anticipated in the 2019 games list. Blood Bowl is based on American Football. The Developer Cyanide has confirmed that the new upcoming Blood Bowl game will be different than the previous versions. Rather than just turn-based strategy, it will be based on real time.

Death Zone will be a fast-paced game of blood and violence. It is a pretty brutal game with players always ending up with damage. Blood Bowl is a multiplayer game where two players take control of 5 player teams and battle each other in five minutes real time match.

This game has some pretty good graphics. Blood Bowl: Death Zone is set to be released in April of 2019. In the list of best sports video games 2019 related, this game is going to be the biggest.

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