Top 6 Best Online Poker Sites in India

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

Best Poker Site in India- Poker is taking the world by storm and online poker is one of the most playing online games around the world. If you are a poker fan, nothing could be more appealing and pleasing to you than watching the poker players ripping their opponents out.

But what’s better than watching? Yes, ripping them off yourselves. And why not? In the world, where thousands of poker players win big every day, you could be the one too. All you need are some tools including a good knowledge of how to play and a mode or platform to play at. But do you know about the best poker sites in India.

Best Poker Sites in India

There are tons of websites on the internet today that offers the users to play and bet on different types of poker games. We went through almost every online poker site that offers the users from India to bet on poker games and we filtered the best ones for you.

This is a list of 6 Best online poker sites in India.

1. Adda  52

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

This shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone. Adda 52 as many of you would’ve known is currently the best online poker sites in India. They have worked very hard to be in the position where they are today, which is the no. 1 site which lets the users to play poker in India.

There are more than one reasons behind Adda 52 topping the best charts. Apart from being awesome and lets users easily play poker games online, their promotional work is off the hook.

They have successfully managed to engage thousands of new players and they also reward their loyal users, isn’t that amazing? Now, the Jamaican Star cricketer Chris Gayle is endorsing them and you could expect other big names to join them in the coming days. From here, Adda 52 is only going forward and so it seems. It is the best poker sites in India, period.

2. Real Poker India

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

Compared to the time they have spent in the market, their progress could be seen as a massive success as they are only a couple of months old and have already acquired a fair amount of market fraction.

Real Poker India is now in a stage where they can be compared to their rivals Adda 52. They do not have big names like Chris Gayle vouching for them but they are acquiring a fair share of an online poker player in India especially because of their exciting strategies like sign up bonuses.

When a new user signs up, they could get a No Deposit bonus or a Double your Deposit bonus, which is clearly engaging and wooing the poker players in India. In the race of best online poker sites in India, we could see a massive rivalry between Adda 52 and Real Poker India.

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3. Poker Baazi

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

Any player from India who has tried his hands in online poker in last few months must know about Poker Baazi as it was a big thing last year and even with the presence of Adda 52 and real poker India, dominated the online poker market for a decent time.

Unfortunately, their stint has now come to an end as all there is no more wild fuss about them in the poker circuit. Although, that doesn’t mean they have disappeared from the market.

They are still going strong as compared to the many others and still are included in the best online poker sites in India. They still have a lot to go if they wanna touch the Adda 52 fame and they will slowly yet surely be there one day.

4. Poker Stars

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

It would not be wrong to say that Poker Stars is the biggest and most recognizable online poker site in the Indian market and around the world as well.

Poker Stars was there before anyone else and it is dominating the market ever since. Although, being the first one to introduce Poker in India, poker stars has its own limitations.

First of all, if you have ever played in online poker sites such as Adda 52 or Real Poker India, you would have an uncanny feeling playing in Poker Stars that something is missing even though it offers amazing gameplay and the promotional offers that the site gives are also great on poker stars.

But still it feels like there is something missing and you can’t really tell what. After Adda 52, this is the best poker sites in India.

5. Poker Raj

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

So, Poker Raj is new in the online poker scene in India and is already considered as the future of the online poker sites in India.

The owners of Poker Raj are none other than the celebrity couple, Indian businessman Raj Kundra and former Indian actress and the co-owner of IPL team Rajasthan Royals –Shilpa Shetty Kundra and they are ready to put in the funds to make Poker Raj the biggest online poker platform in India.

Although, Poker Raj is already doing good and has garnished a good amount of fan base it still has a long way to go. The user interface is also great and if we leave behind minor glitches and irregularities behind it is actually a pretty enjoyable place to play poker.

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6. Spartan Poker

Best online poker sites in India, online poker india legal

Spartan Poker is undoubtedly amongst the biggest and the amongst the initial platforms of online poker scene in India. But is it too early to include it as the best poker sites in India.

Spartan Poker specifically has a huge following and a huge number of players bid here every day. Spartan Poker also operates in some other countries and they have connections to some big companies which provide them with the funds required to organize such huge tournaments like Spartan has in the past and they still do.

Although, they do not have very fancy and catchy gameplay like Adda 52 and others on the list. They are going with a slow and steady style and that’s only the reason they are lower on the list. But still, Spartan Poker is a big name in India and they if they work on some of their glitches they could be even better.


this is a list of best online poker sites in India. There are some other websites which we could not add here. If you have a suggestion or correction to make, hit us on the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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