Top 5 Free Cricket Games for Your Android Phone

Top 5 Cricket Games for Android Smartphone

The world has grown to love cricket in the past few years. Many new countries are administering cricket to their nations and many are hosting domestic short-format tournaments that are becoming successful. But there are some cricket countries where cricket is not just another game that people like to play and watch.

It is more of a religion. In countries like India, cricket runs in the veins of people. Cricket is their religion and they worship the players.

Obviously, our tech-friendly youth along with other apps on their smartphones or tablets must have some cricket apps or cricket games installed as well. And how can they not when they have literally played cricket in gullies and even amidst the roads. The best sports website in India is back with the best cricket games for android 2018.

5 Best Free Cricket Games for Android

For those cricket enthusiasts, play store is filled with numerous cricket games. Some of them are visually and graphically incredible and some of them–not so much.

Some guarantees to provide the best experience and some just seem like a burden on your phones. Worry not, as we bring you the list of top 5 best cricket games for Android absolutely free to download that you must not miss.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

list of android cricket games- world cricket championship 2

This game is at the top of the list of Android cricket games. The World Cricket Championship 2 is one hell of a game for Android users.

The most brilliant part is that this game has incredible graphics and user interface and it is free to download. Playing cricket was never so awesome on the mobile phone before.

The Best features of this epic game include playing cricket in all three formats T20, ODI and Test cricket. Plus this game provides the access to play with any of your favourite national teams in 32 different stadiums around the world.

There are multiple modes of playing like a career match, a quick match or some tournament. You can also customize your team and players.

In addition to all that, this game includes some seriously individual shot options like the Dil-scoop, 360 shot, the Helicopter shot and also the uppercut. This is obviously the best cricket games for android 2018.

Download World Cricket Championship 2

2. Real Cricket 17

Real Cricket 17

Real cricket 17 is one of the best cricket games for android 2018. It is one of the best virtual gaming apps if not the best. This game is like the computer version of EA sports cricket game but just for mobile and quick.

This game has a comprehensive and integrated experience. This game comprises the main three aspects of a cricket game- customizable team and players, score runs all around the ground and bowl with variations.

You can either play a quick match, ICC tournaments or even in multiplayer mode. You can purchase the branded cricket gear like the Kookaburra bats, pads, helmets, gloves for the better gaming experience. The game doesn’t lag or take excess space on your phone. This game has the potential to stay on the list of Android Cricket games for a long time.

Download Real Cricket 17

3. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket game

Big Bash Cricket is also one of the best cricket games for android 2018. It is based upon one of the most prestigious cricketing tournaments in the world– the KFC Big Bash League. It is a predecessor to tournaments like the IPL and is played in Australia every year.

This game is exactly what Big Bash league is. Comes equipped with the same 8 teams and even the players are updated every year according to the latest squad plus the camera angles gave 360 views of the whole ground.

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The game comes with a quick match, tournament and challenge modes but you can play any cricketing shot in this game and it makes it different from other games. You are free to hook, pull, uppercut, 360 shot, helicopter shot, reverse sweep, swap shot or any other. Download this game from our list of Android cricket games and enjoy the real experience of the Big Bash tournament.

Download Big Bash Cricket

4. Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket is different from the others in this list of Android cricket games, graphically and visually and even the UI is bit different. But its a good different. You will enjoy playing it. Personally one of my favourites as this game is sleek and simple plus highly entertaining.

Stick Cricket is unlike the other games on the list. As it doesn’t include many options and fancy modes. This game gives you just one thing to do- stand and deliver. Most people don’t like to bowl, this game is perfect for them.

Just stand there as you can’t move your player to adjust the position by swiping. Just two optical buttons are provided on your screen for shot selection and to hit.

You have to achieve a specific given target under the deadline of overs. Good timing is a key to success in this game. You can’t have the best cricket games for android 2018 without adding this simple yet amazing game.

Download Stick Cricket Premier League

5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

If you are a cricket lover, you will definitely like the Cricket T20 Fever 3D as it is one of the best cricket games for android 2018. This game is intense and highly competitive, the graphics are not so good but still decent. ODI and T20s  both formats can be played and various tournament playing options are also given.

This game is not so heavy and easily downloadable. The system requirements is not very high so can be played in any android device. Just like the others on the list of Android cricket games, you can play the shots all over the ground in this game as well.

Plus you can sharpen your bowling skills with this game by adjusting the line and length thus deceiving the opponents. Scoring although is not so easy, only a perfect timing would get your boundaries.

Download Cricket T20 Fever 3D

So, these are the 5 Best Cricket Games for Android Absolutely Free to Download. This is it for now from the Best Sports Website in India. We will keep you updated with such cool cricket, football, NBA, badminton and other sports updates. Keep following us on facebook, twitter, Instagram and google plus for more and latest sports updates.

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