Austrian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton expect serious challenge from Red Bull in Austrian GP

Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria

The first phase of the first ever triple-header in history is over with Lewis Hamilton reigning supreme once again. Max Verstappen was looking good this Sunday but Lewis caught some major gains from him. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel’s misjudgement took himself and Valtteri Bottas out of the race.

But the current champion said that the Austrian GP at the Red Bull ring will be completely different and could provide some serious challenges of Whoop-ass, in his words.

In 2017, Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas won the race against Sebastian but it was extremely close. Sebastian put on some serious allegations on Bottas about him being jumping before the start but FIA technology claimed that he was under the authorized limits at all time and put the allegations to the rest.

This year has been quite depressing for Bottas and he will try to repeat what he did last year in the Austrian Grand Prix. The champion Lewis Hamilton believes that the Red Bull ring could suit their latest and upgraded Mercedes.

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Hamilton said after the race on Sunday, “I think Austria should be a fairly decent track. It’s been a decent track for us in the past, so I don’t see why it should be any different now. I think the car should be good there. I think the Red Bulls have been particularly quick there in the past because it’s quite a good downforce circuit, so it’ll be interesting.
“As you’re seeing, it’s great that our cars are quite close in qualifying nowadays, but positioning is everything really in qualifying there because at that track you can’t really overtake… Even though you’ve got those long straights, it’s very, very difficult to overtake because you can’t follow another car through Turn One. It’s going to be about who qualifies where, isn’t it?”
The Red Bull Ring is located in Spielburg in Steiermark. Max Verstappen claimed that him and his fellow Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo are gonna be competitive at Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz homeground Red Bull Ring.

Versteppen said, “I think Red Bull have been on the podium for the last two races there. We are a bit compromised on the straights but somehow it was always not too bad. I’m also looking forward to the weekend because I think a lot of Dutch fans are coming out so there’ll be a lot of orange around, so that’s always good.”

Ferrari’ Kimi Raikkonen said, “Hopefully we can expect good things. But it’s impossible to really say. It’s a slightly different circuit. We need to make a good weekend out of it. It’s going to be pretty close. I don’t see a massive difference between the top three times – but I might be wrong.”

Although, there is a performance difference between Red Bulls’ Renaults engines and Mercedes or Ferrari sheer power engines in terms of brute pace. But the fact that both Mercedes and Ferrari can use powerful engine mode settings and Red Bull can’t but still gives them a run for their money is a big thing in itself for any F1 enthusiast.

Meanwhile, Mercedes’ Brand new upgraded engines have received the praise of most this week. Hamilton believes that the new upgrade is gonna be effective in the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix.

The Austrian GP is on July 1, 2018 and you can already know the name of the winner- from the number given below. Sports Patrika the Best Sports Website in India  will bring you all the latest news, videos, analysis and predictions.


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