Ranking the 5 Best NBA Teams of All time

Is is possible to determine which teams are the greatest of all time in NBA? Nothing can be more proud and astonishing for a NBA team than winning the championship.

With Golden State Warriors back to back championships victories, they are being called the best nba team of all time by many basketball enthusiasts around the world. And their last year’s performance was one of the greatest and most dominant ever, only losing a single game to their fifth title.

In the 73 glorious years of NBA, there have been only 19 teams that have had the privilege to call themselves the NBA champions and produced some of the best nba players.

There have been the most dominating teams like Boston Celtics 1985-86, LA Lakers 1987-88 and their championship victories were truly remarkable and personified greatness.

So, to make your work easy, we did all the digging and hard work and put this list or ranking the 5 Best NBA teams of all time.

5. 1985-86 Boston Celtics

Well, one great name couldn’t alone shine in this list, there must be many. Larry Bird led 1985-86 Boston Celtics had a number of  star studded lineup. Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and Dennis Johnson all averaged over 15 points a game. This team was truly remarkable on the offence as well as in defence, as they finished the highest rated defence that year in the league and they had some of the best nba players.

With a total of crazy 67 wins, there home record was of incredible 40-1. Celtics were so great that year that they only lost 1 game to their way to the finals where they eventually met the talented Houston Rockets, but Houston still couldn’t overcome the depth Celtics offered in their game.

This Boston Celtics was unlike any other as they were invincible that particular year. Lebron’s Miami Heats or Kobe-Shaq’s teamup could have made this list but all are faded in front of 86 Celtics.

Lebron’s Miami and Kobe-Shaq still had other high-profile players at all times but 85′-86′ Celtics were so invincible that they won matches even without their top three strikers with Dennis Johnson taking charge. They had won games they shouldn’t have totally of their defence when their attack goes shimming down.

This team was the living embodiment of greatness and there are not many that can challenge them in their yard even today. This team was one of the best nba team of all time.

4. 2012-2013 Miami Heat

When Lebron James left Cleveland to join Miami Heat, everyone was speculating that could be Miami’s time to rule NBA as they had names like Lebron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, one of the finest trio of best nba players at that time. But the first season didn’t started as everyone hoped it would. There were numerous turnovers.

Miami started terrible and lost few games but eventually recovered and reached the finals this year even took a 2-1 lead but eventually lost to Dirk Nowitzki and Dallas Mavericks.

Heat still wasn’t perfect even with all those big names. Mario Chalmers and Dwayne Wade both were faded and were not championship materials while Chris Bosh still looked unaware of his duties for Miami. But they still made an incredible comeback and won two consecutive champioships and 66 games in 2012-13 season.

Even with their titles, they could have done so much better, they had that kind of humongous talent in their squad. The front office also could have done a better job putting talent around their core of stars, although, adding Ray Allen was a great move. He might not have been in his prime, but he saved the game 6 of NBA finals with his three pointer and saved Heats from elimination along with it.

Overall, Miami’s trio was the best when they were playing and they won Miami 2 champioships. Although, names like these three automatically cuts some competition otherwise Miami could be placed higher on this list. Miami 2012-13 is still one of the best nba team of all time.

3. 1986-1987 Los Angeles Lakers

LA “showtime” Lakers and Boston Celtics rivalry was famous in the 80s. The 1986-87 lakers came up with most damaging ammo loaded on their arsenal to stop Celtics to grab the fourth championship of the decade. Just like 85-86 Celtics, LA were supremely invincible, maybe even more than Boston as 6 of there players were averaging in two digits.

One of the greatest, Magic Johnson had crazy stats this year. He was averaging 12.2 assists per game and scoring 23.8 ponts.  Other than Johnson, this team had Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy completing the trio (the best nba players at that time), but Byron Scott, AC. Green and Michael Cooper were the main men behind their championship success.

There defence was non-penetrable during the regular season and only got better during post season as they only lost one game to their way to the finals.

Lakers faced the defending champions Boston Celtics in the NBA finals but the incredible Bostons were no match for the Lakers. Lakers drowned Celtics quickly taking a lead of 3-1. Lakers finished Celtics at the sixth game at home to become one of the best nba team of all time.

2. 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls

They literally had the best nba players of all time. There could have been many versions of Chicago Bulls championship stints with Michael Jordan here but let’s just talk about this particular one. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls were incredible as they set a record of 72 season wins and only 10 losses. A record that was seemingly unbeatable but was recently broke in the 2015-16 season by Golden state warriors but they failed to win the title before Lebron’s Cleveland.

This wasn’t the case with 95′-96′ Chicago Bulls as they dominated the 90’s with 6 titles with Michael Jordan, destroyed their opponents in the first 6 matches so they never had to play the 7th NBA final game.

Although, Jordan’s all championships were glorious but the Chicago Bulls 1995-96 were something else. They not only wanted to win but to crush their opponents by dominating them. They almost became the first team to have less than 10 defeats in a season but they spent too much energy on the regular season.

Bulls still reached the NBA finals with flying colors, where they met the western conference champions Seattle Super Sonics featuring stars like Garry Payton and Shawn Kemp. But they still were no match for the Chicago Bulls trio. Chicago won the championship 4-2 and obviously Jordan became the MVP.

But Chicago Bulls were only so successful because of Jordan factor involved. Yes, they had good team but if it wasn’t for the Jordan they would never have climbed up to become the best nba team of all time. Unarguably, the greatest player on the earth, the “Air Jordan” was unstoppable at the 90s, their outstanding record could be even more better, had he has a team like the no. 1 on this list.

1. 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors

The only team that could challenge Jordan’s legacy with the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls as the greatest NBA team ever and probably defeat them is the current Golden State Warriors. Yes, Chicago was undoubtedly the greatest with Jordan, but the current Warriors team is so immensely talented that they could win more championships than Michael Jordan ever did.

2015-2016 Warriors were undoubtedly strong but the addition of Kevin Durant just made them supreme and invincible. Lebron’s phrase of “not 5, not 6, not 7” had a funny response, but nobody would laugh if Kevin says so. He with the Warriors really has the potential to achieve it.

In Warriors first season with Kevin, they won 67 games and also became the first team to start the postseason 15-0 and almost defeated Cleveland with Lebron at his prime.

The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls with Jordan would have find themselves in a similar situation as Cleveland with James where they are scoring unbelievable amount of points but still are down by 20 at halftime.

They became the first team to improve 1995-96 Bulls record of 72-10 by 73-9 with Kevin Durant. With Kevin, no team could match Warriors attack and he gives stability to defence as well.

Bulls could do better in putting a stop to Warriors attack but Warriors has something never seen before, four legitimate superstars and they all step up one moment or another.

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the best player that has ever graced this game but Kevin could catch him if he keeps playing like this and with the comparitively better support than 95′-96′ Bulls, this team has the potential to win many more championships.

Accept it or not, but this team is a prodigy and no other team currently or previously is better than this Green state warriors. They are the best nba team of all time and they have the current best nba players.


Which is the greatest team? 95′-96′ Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan or the present Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant? Whatever the answer may be, one thing is certain, the present Warriors are going to dominate NBA for upcoming years.

This is our take on the top 5 greatest NBA team ever. What do you think is the best nba team of all time? Do you agree with our list? If you have any suggestions or corrections you can hit us on the comments sections and share with your friends on facebook, instagram, twitter or google plus.

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