30 Interesting Poker Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

poker facts and figures

Poker Facts- Poker is a spectacular game of uncertainties and yes it has a rich history with lots of interesting poker facts and figures every poker enthusiast should be aware with. There are a lot of uncertainties even with the origin of Poker, some say it is based on a French game “poque” but the name and fame that the modern poker has gathered began in the earlier 19th century, in the New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States.

In its 200 years history, Poker has hit a massive success in terms of rich history, popularity (outside the states as well) and engagement. Poker has hit numerous ups and downs and has seen numerous interesting developments, events and historical figures. Here in this post, we will talk about such 35 interesting poker facts you didn’t know.

Fascinating Facts About Poker

Fact-1. When you have two aces and two eights in poker, it is called a “Dead Man’s Hand” after Wild Bill Hickok who was holding the same hand when he was shot in the back of the head by John McCall.

Fact-2. Tom Dwan, the professional poker player is so good that when he started playing online poker he only had the $50 his dad gave him for the birthday but he ended up winning over $5 Million in next 4 years.

Fact-3. Guess how the enchanting former Professional Russian Tennis player “Anna Kournikova” is connected to Poker? Anna Kournikova is a poker term for a hand that “looks great but doesn’t win anything”.

Fact4. How far can you go with the betting? Andrei Karpov once put up his wife as a stake after all his money was lost. But he lost again. The angry wife was so furious she left him for the winner.

Fact-5. The man who created MS Word and invented redlining for the misspelling is now a professional poker player.

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Fact-6. One of the best poker players in the world Phil Ivey once won over $15 Million in 3 days against a Texas Billionaire who was playing at super-high bids against top poker players thinking that the huge amount of money at stake would influence their game. Guess he was wrong!!

Fact-7. An 18-year-old turned $2,000 into 5 Million in a few months playing online poker then lost it all.

Fact-8. Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game but guess what, you cannot play Texas Hold’em in Texas county. It is illegal to run poker rooms in Texas but in exception of one casino in an Indian reservation.

Fact-9. Money and poker go side by side. But do you know the first-ever World Series of Poker champion to qualify through online poker site’s real name is “moneymaker” straight legit? We are not even kidding. His forefathers were German coin minters and they adopt the name from “Nurmacher”.

Fact-10. Once a professional poker player lost his car for a long time of 5 months simply because he forgot where he parked it.

Fact-11. In Angola Prison rodeo, there is an event called “Convict Poker”. Four inmates are sat together in a seat and a rampaging bull is released. The last man sitting wins. I bet not many wants to win this game.

Fact-12. The world’s longest poker game is said to ran at Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona. It went on 24/7, for 8 years, 5 months and 3 days. More than $ 10,000,000 were exchanged in total in this humongous game between Doc Holliday and George Hearst. A flood inside the theatre finally stopped this match or who knows it could have gone for another 5-7 years more?

Fact-13. Never have a WSOP main event champion won with Pocket Aces. Runner-ups though had had pocket aces twice during the finals but couldn’t win.

Fact-14. Once an attorney saved two guys with federal hacking charges for utilizing a bug in poker machines and won $500,000. He said, “All these guys did is simply push a sequence of buttons that they were legally entitled to push”. The case was immediately dismissed.

Fact-15. Do you know the “Batfleck”( i mean Ben Affleck) is a great poker player too? He once won the California State Poker Championship with prize money of $ 356,000 and also an entry in the World Poker Tour Championship.

Fact-16. Yakuza is the professional Japanese criminal organization but do you they got their name from the worst hand in poker: Ya 8 + Ku 9 + Za 3.

Fact-17. The common poker expression of “passing the buck” came during the American Frontier era in the 17th century where a buckhorn handled knife was used to represent the person whose turn is to deal. If the person did not want to deal, he could simply pass the buck to another player.

Fact-18. There was a woman who won the poker tournament and only looked once at her cards.

Fact-19. August 15, 2011, is referred to as the Black Friday for the poker players because it was on this day the DOJ seized three largest online poker sites in the US thus shutting down the internet poker in the United States.

Fact-20. “Sweet Home Alabama” doesn’t support Poker. Poker games have always deemed illegal in Alabama as it is a chance game.

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Fact-21. Online Poker is a class C felony in Washington DC state.

Fact-22. If you know anything about poker or even if you don’t, you must have heard the term “Jackpot”. It originated from a poker game where pot grew larger and larger until a player could bid open with a pair of jacks.

Fact-23. In a town called Estancia in New Mexico, if a Mayor election ended up tie, a poker game is used as a tie-breaker. The winner is declared as the new Mayor. It has already happened thrice.

Fact-24. You know the man who created World Series of Poker was convicted with multiple assaults and murders. During the early 1940s he was running the mob in Dallas.

Fact-25. One of the greatest ever poker player Stu Unger once predicted his opponent’s hand correctly after his opponent went All-in during a $50,000 heads-up match. Stu won that game with a 10 high.

Fact-26. Who would win in a battle of computers and humans? There is an Artificial intelligence computer program called Claudio which runs on 16 TB of RAM and it won Texas Hold’em championship for computers but was defeated by a team of human players.

Fact-27. More than 20% of American Population play poker. According to research conducted by non-profit poker players alliance, more than 70 Million Americans play live or online poker.

Fact-28. Poker was first televised nationally during a world series of poker event in Las Vegas in 1973. The prize money for the first place was $ 130,000.

Fact-29. Men are allowed to play in women’s event in the World Series of Poker with an accelerated entry fee- women entry fee is $ 1,000 and for men, it is $10,000.

Fact-30. Earlier poker was used to be played with only 20 cards and 4 players. Each player was dealt with 5 cards and the bet was placed on who has the best hand.

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