10 Crazy Premier League Facts You Didn’t Know About

top 10 unknown EPL facts

English Premier League or Barclays Premier League or just Premier League, call it whatever, but premier league is one of the most decorated and competitive leagues in the world. Some of the most famous teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are integral parts of the premier league and have won it in at least one occasion or more.

Although, if the Premier League is not the most competitive league in the world, it is definitely one of them. In its 25 years long run so far, it has seen everything that can happen in a football pitch and yet there is no shortage of surprises that premier league provides every season.

Europe is the home to football and the most prestigious tournaments, also called “Big 5 leagues” are played in countries such as England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy and premier league is way ahead of them in terms of viewership and revenue. Premier League generated a mind-boggling 5.8 Billion in Euros last season.

So, for all the crazy football fans who remain keen to know everything about the English Premier League, we put a list of Top 10 Premier League facts since its dawn 25 years ago.

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10. Hatrick through Set pieces

Hatrick through set pieces

Scoring a Premier League hatrick is a privilege in itself but doing so in a spectacular and unique way (let’s say through set pieces) is rare, extremely rare. That’s why only 2 players in 25 years have done it right.

Free kicks and Penalty Kicks are called “Set Pieces” in football term. And only 2 players have scored a hatrick using set pieces in premier league history. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney in 2011 and Southampton’s legend Matt Le Tissier in 1995 have accomplished the feat.

In 1995, in a game against Nottingham Forest, Tissier opened for Southampton with a brilliant free kick goal. He also scored 2 more goals from the penalty side to complete his hatrick but unfortunately they still lost to Nottingham 3-4.

On the other hand, Rooney’s hatrick came in Manchester United’s famous game against Arsenal at Old Trafford in 2011 where Man. Utd humiliated Arsenal 8-2. United’s most decorated player Rooney converted 2 beautiful free kicks and then to add more to the damage he converted the penalty in the 82nd minute to complete his hatrick.

9. Only 2 Players to score Penalty with both feets

premier league players who scored penalty with both feet

Only 2 players in the premier league history has shown their Ambpedal skills. Ambipedal is a football term for those players that can use their both feet with equal proficiency.

Step forward Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins are the only two players in the premier league history to have scored a penalty with both feet.

In a match between Fulama vs Newcastle United in 2012. Bobby Zamora who is a left footer scored a penalty with his right foot and won the match for Fulham 3-1.

Unlike Zamora, Martins was always considered as a ambidextrous player and while he was in Tyneside for 3 years, he scored two penalties, one from left and one from right.

8. The only players to score, assist and score an own goal in a single game

wayne rooney

Three players Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale and Kevin Davies in the premier league history have scored, assisted and scored and own goal in a single game.

Rooney did it against Stoke City in 2012. Whereas, Bale playing for Tottenham gave a glorious assist, scored a beautiful goal and one self goal as well in a game against Liverpool. Tottenham defeated Liverpool 2-1 in that game.

Kevin Davies also did the same thing while playing for Bolton Wanderers scored a goal, provide an assist and scored an own goal while paying against Aston Villa.

7. The Most attacking goalkeeper of Premier League

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is considered as the most attacking goalkeeper of Premier League. Paul Robinson also had a successful career with England’s top clubs with Leeds, Tottenham and Blackburn Rovers.

Robinson has played 41 internationals for England is the only premier league goalkeeper to have scored not only a goal but also provide 5 assists, even better he has won a penalty in opponent’s penalty box.

Robinson has scored only 1 goal and it came in the 2007/2009 premier league season against Watford in a majestic free kick from 95 yards. Robinson took the free kick and converted it into a goal after it strikes through Ben Foster’s head.

6. The Player who has played for most Premier League Clubs

Marcus Bent

Do you know which player has played for the most franhises in the Premier League? FYI English player Marcus Bent has the record for playing for the most number of clubs in the Premier League. He has played for 8 Premier League clubs.

He started his premier league career with Crystal Palace in 1997/98 season before getting downgraded. After 5 seasons he featured for Blackburn in Premier League but he was transfered to Ipswich in the same season.

Ipswich didn’t play the 2002 season because they were downgraded from premier league so he joined Leicester City on loan 2003/04 season. He also played for Everton. He played two seasons with Everton and then in 2006, he joined Charlton Athletic.

Even Charlton was downgraded from the premier league so he joined Wigan in 2007/08 season. He finally joined his record 8th Premier league club Wolverhampton in 2010.

5. The game with no substitutions

premier league game with no substitutions

In Premier league season 2002/03 match between Manchester United vs Fulham there were no substitutions. Manchester United were on a roll that year and on the way to the premier league crown. Although, with the help of a stunning hatrick by Ruud Van Nistelrooy, United easily won the match 3-0.

Just like every match, both teams managers were supposed and expected to make substitution to provide rest to some players but that never happened. The match ended with zero substitutions.

This was the first and last time when no substitutions were made in a premier league match.

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4. No Corners Match

premier league game with no corners

A match between Wegan and Chelsea in 2010 went down to the premier league history books as the match with no corners.

This game was remarkably awesome for Chelsea fans as they crushed Wegan 6-0 which was quite expected but they did so without gaining any corners or set pieces.

Wegan was playing on there chances to get the set pieces, corners and penalties but unfortunately they got none and lost by the difference of 6 goals.

25 years of Premier League went by, but this remains the only game with no corners.

3. Only 3 players who were born after Premier League started have scored hatricks

Harry Kane

So far, only 3 players born after the dawn of the premier league have scored a hatrick in the premier league. These players are Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and Romelu Lukaku. They weren’t even born when the premier league first started.

A record in itself, don’t you think?

2. 3 Premier League players were sent off without even touching the ball

players that were sent off without touching the ball

One of the most unwanted record goes to 3 premier league players Andres Johansson, Kieth Gillespie and Dave Kitson as they were sent off the ground before even touching the ball.

Andres Johannson who was a late substitution in the second half for Wigan brought down Freddie Ljungberg inside the box and was sent off after just 88 seconds off his arrival.

Keith Gillespie of Sheffield United was sent off under 0 seconds of his arrival in a match against Reading in January 2007. He was given red card early in the second half after elbowing Stephen Hunt in the face. The game wasn’t offiially even started.

Dave Kitson came as a second-half substitute against Manchester United, dived in to stop a Patrice Evra clearance but his tackle was completely mistimed and referee had no choice but to show him a Red just after 37 seconds.

1. Mario Balotelli’s only Premier League’s assist

Mario Balotelli only assist in premier league

Mario Balotelli has played 70 Premier League matches and one thing which is clear is that Balotelli is not a man who gives a lot of assists.

In his whole Premier League career, Balotelli has provided only one assist, one. But it was no ordinary assist. Actually, it was a title winning assist and the fact that Italian Maverick Mario set it is really remarkable.

It was during his time with Manchester City in the premier league’s 2011-12 season. The remarkable last minute assist to Sergio Aguero which he converted beautifully to lift the first title for Manchester City in 44 years.

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