WWE Smack Down Live Results, Winners and Highlights 12-06-18

wwe smack down live results and recaps

This WWE Smack Down Live kicks-off with Paige introducing us to the four superstars Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Lana and Naomi who are supposedly represent Smack Down Live in the Women’s Money in the Bank match this Sunday.

Paige said that the opportunity knocks their doors this Sunday as they could win the Money in the Bank match and change their lives forever. She also added that she doesn’t care who wins it as long as the contract comes to WWE Smack Down Live. Introduction soon turned into an argument when Lana said she doesn’t have to worry about Raw winning the contract as she will win the match.

The argument started as Naomi interrupted Lana and reminded her that she has won the first ever Wrestlemania’s Women Battle Royal. To which Charlotte Flair punched that she only won it because Charlotte wasn’t in the match. Becky Lynch cut in and said that she is going to win. She said that she was the first women to draft into WWE Smackdown Live as well the first Smackdown Live Women’s champion.

Then suddenly¬†IIconics music hits and they emerged to interrupt Paige’s squad. Peyton started mocking Becky Lynch making fun of her Irish accent and Billie kay insulted Charlotte saying that she has borrowed her coat from her father. When Naomi stepped in, they also started mocking Naomi and Lana’s dance from last week.

Then the Absolution also came out and started mocking the in-stage members. The in-ring MITB contestants attacked the team-up of IIconics and Absolution. The brawl broke out side the ring and then we were interrupted by the ads and when we returned, a match between the four members of opposing teams was on tonight’s list.

Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin

The match started with both men locked up inside the ring. Shelton had the fight under control with some right elbows to the head but Daniel saved himself with a backflip. Then Daniel ran towards the ropes and with a knee to the face pinned down Bryan. Then Bryan went for his signature move Yes lock, but Shelton somehow broke free. Then both men swung through the ropes where Shelton kicked Bryan on the knee sending him out of the ring. Then Sheldon got out of the ring and pounds Bryan’s injured knee to the announce table. Then the commercials interrupted.

When we returned, Shelton was holding Bryan into a half crab, Daniel somehow made it to the ropes. Then Shelton was continuosly trying to hurt Bryan’s knee but Daniel countered it with a Dragon Screw. He went for a few yes kicks to the already cornered Shelton and finished it with a dropkick to the knees of Benjamin. Bryan then reached the top rope but it was reversed by a superplex.

Both men were in the middle of the ring where Bryan administered a YES lock which was reversed by Benjamin which was again revesed by Bryan to a hell hook to which Benjamin tapped out.


After the commercial, Paige was backstage and was approached by Asuka who asked for a match against Carmella. Paige said she cannot do it but she can add them to the already sanctioned 8 women tag team match and make it a 10 women tag team match. Then we see Miz wearing a referee T-shirt, Paige asked him what is he doing. The Miz replied that he is preparing for a movie called Rough Rough Ref. He said it would help him immensely if she appointed him as a referee for tonight’s Samoa Joe vs Rusev match. She tell the Miz, when her hand goes up, his mouth goes shut and made him the special referee for Samoa Joe vs Rusev match. Miz showed his appreciation and left.


Jerry “The King” Lawler interviews WWE Champion

Highlight of the last month’s WWE title match at Backlash airs. Jerry “The Kings” Lawler interviewed AJ Styles and said that he loved the way AJ slapped Nakamura like he once slapped Andy Kaufman to which AJ replied that he’s sorry he didn’t knock Nakamura down but comes this Sunday, he’ll walk out the ring as the WWE Champion.


Samoa Joe vs Rusev with Special Guest-Referee The Miz

The Miz was already in the Ring. Aiden English inroduced Rusev and then Samoa Joe stepped in. The bell rung and the match started. Joe started with some right hooks on Rusev but Rusev pushed Joe to the corner and hooked some rights of his own. He then throw Samoa Joe out the ring with a clothesline. He started beating Joe and then he throws Joe back in and started getting in himself but Joe came to him with a right hand and then a Suicide dive to throw Rusev out.

After the commercials, both men started brawling at each other. Samoa Joe was looking impressive and put Rusev through Coquina Clutch two times but Rusev survived. A big move by Joe put down Rusev and he pinned Rusev but the Miz was distracted and didn’t see the pin.

Angry Joe grabs the Miz by his finger and was about to crush him before a Machka kick from Rusev knocked Joe down cold. Rusev pinned Joe and Miz counted 1-2-3 and Rusev won the match. Later Aiden English throws a ladder to the ring and Rusev started htting Joe with it before setting it to retrieve the briefcase . But the Miz interrupted and hit the Rusev with a Skull-crushing finale and went up to retrieve the MITB briefcase only to find out it was filled with pancakes. Miz was cursing and the New Day was laughing at the Miz, backstage.

Jeff Hardy vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The match started with Nakamura mocking Jeff but soon Hardy decided to teach him some manners. Nakamura soon escaped thorugh the ring and started mocking Hardy again. To which Hardy sent him flying to the barricades following by a sharp clothesline from the apron before the commericals.

When we returned, Nakamura was controlling the fight but not for long. Hardy hooked up with couple of amazing moves but couldn’t pin Nakamura. Then, Nakamura dodged a big move by hardy and kicked him on the side of his head. After that Nakamura attempted a Kinshasa but Hardy dodged it and hit a whisper in the wind but could only get two counts.

Nakamura once again attempted Kinshasa but it was reversed by Hardy followed by a Swanton Bomb. But Nakamura rolled out of the ring. When Hardy went for another Twist of Fate Nakamura hits him with a low-blow and was disqualified. He then hits the Kinshasa Hardy and counted to 10 probable message to AJ Styles.


Then after the commercial, we can see Renee Young was seen with Big Cass, backstage. He told her that he will take it from here. He said WWE Universe, i’ll tell you about my day. He said that he went to the Memphis fair and then we talked about amusement parks and the height requirements for the ride. He said that he wants to take WWE roster for a ride but Bryan wouldn’t meet the height requirement. He claimed that Good Big man will always beat a Good Little man and claimed that’s what’s going to happen this Sunday.


Naomi, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Lana and Asuka vs Carmella, The IIconics and the Absolution

The match started with Sonya Deville and Naomi in the ring. Deville knocked Naomi down with a big kick. Both divas showed their swiftness. Then Naomi tags in Lana. She instantly made an impact and Sonya with a knee to the stomach followed by a neck breaker. Somehow Sonya kicked out and throws Lana to her corner and tagged Carmella in.

Carmella started floundering on Lana and started taunting everyone. She went for her special move but Lana was smart enough to move away. She was caught by Carmella while trying to escape but she finally made a tag to Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch connected a spinning heel kick to Carmella but she managed to tag Peyton Royce in.  Eventually, Sonya Deville was tagged back in. Then Deville speared Becky to the mat before tagging in Billie Kay who holds a submission hold. Becky made a tag to Charlotte and she stomped Peyton in the ring. Charlotte did a moonsault but Payton had her knees up.

Then Asuka was tagged in who delivered a smashing top rope crushing knee to Mandy Rose. Mandy’s attempt to a double underhook suplex was reversed by Asuka’s Asuka lock. The IIconics interuppted and broke the pin before she could tap but Charlotte got them with a moonsault. Carmella tagged herself in and Asuka took her on. Asuka got her on a Asuka lock and Carmella tapped out. MITB contestants won the match.




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