FIFA World Cup 2018 (Russia): Who Will Win World Cup 2018 Match Predictions and Astrology: The biggest Sports League is here. The FIFA World Cup 2018 is beginning soon and we are ready with the best and sure FIFA Today Match Winner Prediction 2018. The FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to begin in June and FIFA World Cup schedule has been released. Russia will be hosting the world cup and it will run from 14 June to 15 July. This will be the first time Russia is hosting a world cup and with this, the largest country in the world finally joins the community of world cup hosting nations. You can check out FIFA World Cup 2018 fixtures from our website.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Tournament will feature 32 national teams, out of which 31 teams were determined through the qualifying competitions in different continental zones and the host team automatically received an entry to the tournament. Out of the 32 qualified, 20 teams will be making back-to-back appearances while two teams (Iceland and Panama)  will be making a debut in the world cups. Over the course of next one month, these teams will compete against each other in a total of 64 matches which will be played in 12 venues located in 11 cities. The finals will be played on 15 July at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets have been released and the first and second phase tickets have been sold out.  The last-minute sales are currently going on and you can still purchase FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Football All Match Predictions: Who will Win Today Match Astrology

So, finally, after four long years, the biggest sporting competition makes a comeback and this time in the cold weather of the Russian Confederation. The road to FIFA World Cup is set and we finally know the eight groups. But that’s just half part fun, the main course starts when you cut up the groups with facts and stats and figure out who could be the potential winner of the trophy.

Our expert astrologers and Astro Babaji has gone through all the records of last four years of the competing teams of each group and he has predicted who will advance, who will surprise us and who will go home.

Unlike the previous occasions where the top names like Germany, Spain, Brazil grabs all the attention and victories, this year we can see the dawn of many other nations as some of them possess the most sought after and inform players which are making it big in the domestic leagues around the world.

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The hosts Russia will be playing against Saudi Arabia which is the lowest ranked team in the world. Meanwhile, the opener that is grabbing all the attention will be played in Group B, where Christiano Ronaldo‘s Portugal will be facing Spain. Stay tuned with us and get all 100% Correct FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions and Bhavishyavani. You may contact us (Call/Whatsapp) on our number given below and get all the true match predictions for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

We have a team of football experts and enthusiasts along with the qualified astrologers (Babaji) and they predict the team name with the most winning chances. Our football experts gather all the necessary data and our astrologers studied the impact of planetary effects on the competing teams and only after that these predictions are made. One can say, these are very carefully examined and studied collaborations, which brings us the most accurate FIFA world cup 2018 predictions.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Matches Winners, Time Table and Schedule Fixtures Details

Date Match Winner Prediction
14-June-2018 Russia vs Saudi Arabia  Russia
15-June-2018 Egypt vs Uruguay  Uruguay
15-June-2018 Morocco vs Iran  Morocco
15-June-2018 Portugal vs Spain  Spain
16-June-2018 France vs Australia  France
16-June-2018 Argentina vs Iceland  Argentina
16-June-2018 Peru vs Denmark  Denmark/Draw
17-June-2018 Croatia vs Nigeria  Croatia
17-June-2018 Costa Rica vs Serbia  Serbia/Draw
17-June-2018 Germany vs Mexico  Germany
17-June-2018 Brazil vs Switzerland  Brazil
18-June-2018 Sweden vs South Korea  Sweden/Draw
18-June-2018 Belgium vs Panama  Belgium
18-June-2018 Tunisia vs England  England
19-June-2018 Colombia vs Japan  Colombia/Draw
19-June-2018 Poland vs Senegal  Poland/Draw
19-June-2018 Russia vs Egypt  Russia
20-June-2018 Portugal vs Morocco  Portugal
20-June-2018 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia  Uruguay
20-June-2018 Iran vs Spain  Spain
21-June-2018 Denmark vs Australia  Denmark/Draw
21-June-2018 France vs Peru  France
21-June-2018 Argentina vs Croatia  Argentina
22-June-2018 Brazil vs Costa Rica  Brazil
22-June-2018 Nigeria vs Iceland  Iceland/Draw
22-June-2018 Serbia vs Switzerland  Switzerland/Draw
23-June-2018 Belgium vs Tunisia  Belgium
23-June-2018 South Korea vs Mexico  Mexico/Draw
23-June-2018 Germany vs Sweden  Germany
24-June-2018 England vs Panama  England
24-June-2018 Japan vs Senegal  Senegal/Draw
24-June-2018 Poland vs Colombia  Colombia/Draw
25-June-2018 Saudi Arabia vs Egypt  Egypt
25-June-2018 Uruguay vs Russia  Uruguay/Draw
25-June-2018 Iran vs Portugal  Portugal
25-June-2018 Spain vs Morocco  Spain
26-June-2018 Australia vs Peru  Peru
26-June-2018 Denmark vs France France/Draw
26-June-2018 Nigeria vs Argentina Argentina
26-June-2018 Iceland vs Croatia Croatia
27-June-2018 South Korea vs Germany Germany
27-June-2018 Mexico vs Sweden Sweden
27-June-2018 Switzerland vs Costa Rica Switzerland/Draw
27-June-2018 Serbia vs Brazil Brazil
28-June-2018 Senegal vs Colombia Colombia
28-June-2018 Japan vs Poland Poland
28-June-2018 England vs Belgium Belgium
28-June-2018 Panama vs Tunisia Tunisia/Draw
30-June-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
30-June-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
01-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
01-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
02-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
02-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
03-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
03-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Round of 16)
06-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Quarter-finals)
06-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Quarter-finals)
07-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Quarter-finals)
07-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Quarter-finals)
10-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Semi-finals)
11-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Semi-finals)
14-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Third place play-off)
15-July-2018 TBD vs TBD (Finals)


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Who Will Win FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy

This is the question that everyone has been asking- Who Will Win FIFA World Cup 2018. Who will become the champion and lift the trophy this year? Will it be the defending champions Germany once again or the former champions Spain will lift the trophy this year? Nobody knows at this moment. But as soon as Round of 16 participants will be declared, we will get you all the FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions that are left and we will get you the name of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Winner.

FIFA World Cup with Records, top-scorers and winners.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Football Match Predictions

FIFA is just not only one of biggest sporting in the world that happens in 4 years. FIFA has the most die-hard fans in the world. Football is something that is played in every country of the world and people still can’t get enough of it. Everyone has their own favourite team apart from their home teams and fans stay eager to know the draw of their favourite teams and whether they are going to win or not. World Cup 2018 will feature the top countries of the world like Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina and many more. So do not miss the raw action of your favourite teams and favourite players dodging the whole opposition and scoring awesome goals. Contact us through call or Whatsapp on the number given below and get 100% Correct FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Predictions.

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