The 21st FIFA Football World Cup 2018 in Russia has embarked its starting and is on the track as it finalises to kick-off from 14 June 2018. Get the latest FIFA Match Prediction 2018 and Teams Astrology at Sports Patrika only. The Worlds biggest event is just going to start with a bang. To refreshen up your minds, we at Sports Patrika, have brought up all details about FIFA World Cup Dates, FIFA 2018 Opening Ceremony, Football World Cup 2018 Fixtures, All Matches Schedule and FIFA 2018 100% Sure All matches Winner Predictions. We will tell you the World Cup potential quarter-finalists, semi-finalists and Finalists in this article. Which Team Will Win FIFA World Cup 2018? is a big question that we dare to answer Today. We will also be having in consideration, the future FIFA World Cup 2022 and Football World Cup 2026.

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Football World Cup 2018: FIFA Venue 2018 and All Teams Participating in FIFA 2018

FIFA 2018 Venue is Russia and 32 Teams will be participating this year.

FIFA World cup is the biggest Football Tournament in the world and is one of the most awaited tournaments every 4 years. This is the 21st FIFA Football World Cup Tournament. This Year the Host Country of FIFA World Cup 2018 will be Russia and this means that Russia got an automatic entry to the list of Participating Teams in FIFA 2018.

A Total of 32 Teams are the part of FIFA Teams Squad in 2018 and 31 of those teams entered the competition by clearing the qualifiers. 32nd Team, as already told, is Russia, which gets and automatic entry to the Tournament availing the privileges of Host Country of FIFA World Cup 2018. 20 Teams will be making back to back appearances to FIFA World Cup. Defending Champions, Gerrmany, is one of them.

Two Teams, Iceland and Panama will be managing to play in their first ever Football World Cup. The Starting Match will be played on 14th June 2018 between the hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. Starting from 14th June, total 64 matches will be played between 32 Teams and FIFA World Cup Final 2018 will be takig place on 15th July, 2018 at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia. The Whole Tournament is set in 12 venues in 11 cities of Russia.

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Football World Cup 2018: FIFA All Teams, Squads and Groups Details

The 21st FIFA World Cup 2018 has 32 participating Teams and therefore, the teams are divided in 8 Groups of 4 Teams each. Host Russia has been placed in Group A with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay. The new Team Iceland is in Group D with Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria while the other one, Panama, is in Group G with Belgium. Tunisia and England.

Group ARussia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
Group BPortugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran
Group CFrance, Australia, Peru, Denmark
Group DArgentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria
Group EBrazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
Group FGermany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
Group GBelgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
Group HPoland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

Football World Cup 2018: FIFA Prize Money

The prize money of FIFA World Cup 2018 is aggregated to be around $400 million(USD) and this money will be distributed among the Champions, Runners-up and Other Qualifying of FIFA World Cup 2018. Have a look at the Prize Distribution Table of FIFA WOrld Cup 2018.

PositionAmount (USD million)
Per teamTotal
Third place2424
Fourth place2222
5th–8th place1664
9th–16th place1296
17th–32nd place8128
Total400 Million

 Football World Cup 2018: FIFA 2018 Full Schedule PDF- Group Stage, Qualifiers, Quarter Finals and Final Fixture of Football World Cup

You can Download FIFA Football World Cup Match Schedule in PDF HERE.

Thursday June 14 Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm GMT
Friday June 15 Egypt v Uruguay (A) Ekaterinburg 1pm
Friday June 15 Morocco v Iran (B) St Petersburg 4pm
Friday June 15 Portugal v Spain (B) Sochi 7pm
Saturday June 16 France v Australia (C) Kazan 11am
Saturday June 16 Argentina v Iceland (D) Moscow (Spartak) 2pm
Saturday June 16 Peru v Denmark (C) Saransk 5pm
Saturday June 16 Croatia v Nigeria (D) Kaliningrad 8pm
Sunday June 17 Costa Rica v Serbia (E) Samara 1pm
Sunday June 17 Germany v Mexico (F) Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm
Sunday June 17 Brazil v Switzerland (E) Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Monday June 18 Sweden v South Korea (F) Nizhny Novgorod 1pm
Monday June 18 Belgium v Panama (G) Sochi 4pm
Monday June 18 Tunisia v England (G) Volgograd 7pm
Tuesday June 19 Poland v Senegal (H) Moscow (Spartak) 1pm
Tuesday June 19 Colombia v Japan (H) Saransk 4pm
Tuesday June 19 Russia v Egypt (A) St Petersburg 7pm
Wednesday June 20 Portugal v Morocco (B) Moscow (Luzhniki) 1pm
Wednesday June 20 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) Rostov-on-Don 4pm
Wednesday June 20 Iran v Spain (B) Kazan 7pm
Thursday June 21 France v Peru (C) Ekaterinburg 1pm
Thursday June 21 Denmark v Australia (C) Samara 4pm
Thursday June 21 Argentina v Croatia (D) Nizhny Novgorod 7pm
Friday June 22 Brazil v Costa Rica (E) St Petersburg 1pm
Friday June 22 Nigeria v Iceland (D) Volgograd 4pm
Friday June 22 Serbia v Switzerland (E) Kaliningrad 7pm
Saturday June 23 Belgium v Tunisia (G) Moscow (Spartak) 1pm
Saturday June 23 Germany v Sweden (F) Sochi 4pm
Saturday June 23 South Korea v Mexico (F) Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Sunday June 24 England v Panama (G) Nizhny Novgorod 1pm
Sunday June 24 Japan v Senegal (H) Ekaterinburg 4pm
Sunday June 24 Poland v Colombia (H) Kazan 7pm
Monday June 25 Uruguay v Russia (A) Samara 3pm
Monday June 25 Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) Volgograd 3pm
Monday June 25 Spain v Morocco (B) Kaliningrad 7pm
Monday June 25 Iran v Portugal (B) Saransk 7pm
Tuesday June 26 Denmark v France (C) Moscow (Luzhniki) 3pm
Tuesday June 26 Australia v Peru (C) Sochi 3pm
Tuesday June 26 Nigeria v Argentina (D) St Petersburg 7pm
Tuesday June 26 Iceland v Croatia (D) Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Wednesday June 27 South Korea v Germany (F) Kazan 3pm
Wednesday June 27 Mexico v Sweden (F) Ekaterinburg 3pm
Wednesday June 27 Serbia v Brazil (E) Moscow (Spartak) 7pm
Wednesday June 27 Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) Nizhny Novgorod 7pm
Thursday June 28 Japan v Poland (H) Volgograd 3pm
Thursday June 28 Senegal v Colombia (H) Samara 3pm
Thursday June 28 England v Belgium (G) Kaliningrad 7pm
Thursday June 28 Panama v Tunisia (G) Saransk 7pm
Saturday June 30 1C v 2D (Match 50)Kazan 3pm
Saturday June 30 1A v 2B (Match 49)Sochi 7pm
Sunday July 1 1B v 2A (Match 51)Moscow 3pm
Sunday July 1 1D v 2C (Match 52)Nizhny Novgorod 7pm
Monday July 2 1E v 2F (Match 53)Samara 3pm
Monday July 2 1G v 2H (Match 54)Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Tuesday July 3 1F v 2E (Match 55)St Petersburg 3pm
Tuesday July 3 1H v 2G (Match 56)Moscow (Spartak) 7pm
Friday July 6 Winner 49 v winner 50 (57) Nizhny Novgorod 3pm
Friday July 6 Winner 53 v winner 54 (58) Kazan 7pm
Saturday July 7 Winner 55 v winner 56 (60) Samara 3pm
Saturday July 7 Winner 51 v winner 52 (59) Sochi 7pm
Tuesday July 10 Winner 57 v winner 58 St Petersburg 7pm
Wednesday July 11 Winner 59 v winner 60 Moscow (Luzhniki) 7pm
Saturday July 14Losers of two semi-finals St Petersburg 3pm
Sunday July 15Winners of two-semi-finals Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm


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